Fake Claim of Indian Air force to Attack Pakistan with Three Years old Video

Shakila Nasreen

Indian Media's Fake Claims of Attack

Indian Media has released a video on attack across the Line of Control that is, in fact, a fake claim of Indian Military. The video is currently present on YouTube and it had been uploaded on YouTube before three years i.e. September 23, 2016. So, the Indian military is blowing its own trumpet by sharing an old video to claim an attack across the LOC. At the end of the post, you will see the link for the video too. The video is, in fact, displaying the night-time flights of Pakistan Air Force

Today, in the early hours, the Indian aircrafts violated the Line of Control and intruded from Muzaffarabad sector. Pakistan Air Force timely responded to them and repelled them back. Now, the Indian media is proving it a great achievement by replaying a three years old YouTube video that was uploaded on September 23, 2016. The Indian media kept replaying the same 3 years old video all day long. All those claims to kill 200 militants by Indian media are fake, the video proves it very well.

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