(Video) Pakistan Shoots Down Two Indian Fighter Jets: A Surprise for India

RAWALPINDI: Pakistan Air Force shoots down two Indian fighter jets in Bala Kot today. It was not the response to the Indian Aggression, but only to defend the motherland. Today morning, two Indian fighter jets intruded in Pakistani airspace. Pakistani Air Force responded quickly and shot down both of them. One fighter jet fell in Jammu & Kashmir whereas; the second one fell into Budgram, Indian Occupied Kashmir. The Pakistani military has arrested one Indian pilot. The search for the two others in the area is still going on. This surprise action was taken today in the morning when once again two Indian fighter jets intruded into Pakistani airspace.

Pakistan hits two Indian fighter planes and arrests one pilot

According to the foreign office of Pakistan, Pak Air Force took this surprise move within Pakistani airspace. It is not retaliation in the response of the Indian aggression, but a response to Indian intrusion in Pakistan airspace. However, the strikes at non-military target were carefully taken to avoid human loss.

Two Indian Fighter Planes shot down by Pak Air Force in Jammu Kashmir

The images here are witnessing the destruction of an Indian fighter plane that fell in Azad Jammu & Kashmir in Pakistani airspace.

Within sometimes, the Director-General, ISPR, Major General Asif Ghafoor will address the media regarding the shot down. Stay with us for more updates.

Update: Check out this video of arrested Indian Pilot.

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