Prime Minister Imran Khan Addresses the Nation and Invites India for a Dialogue for Regional Peace

Shakila Nasreen

PM Imran Khan Invites India for Dialogues

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the nation. It was regarding the PAF shot down two Indian fighter jets at early morning today.

He invited the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to have a dialogue on the regional peace and mutual disputes. He stated that Pakistan and India could not afford war as both countries are atomic powers. He further laid stress on the need for dialogue to resolve the bilateral issues between India and Pakistan. The PM of Pakistan stated straight that Pakistan offered India for investigation for Pulwama attack, but India did not respond maturely. He further discusses the PAF adventure today morning that Pakistan Air Force took this initiative only to make India realize about Pakistan’s defensive strength. It was not a kind of retaliation.

He laid stress on India to come and have a dialogue with the Pakistani Govt. as both the countries are atomic powers and they cannot afford miscalculation of each other’s power. The war should not be escalated.

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