Pakistan to Release Arrested Indian Pilot as a Peace Gesture, PM Imran Khan Declares

Shakila Nasreen

PM Imran Khan Addressing to Parliament

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has declared that Pakistan will release the arrested Indian Pilot Abhi Nandan tomorrow as a Peace gesture. He was addressing the joint session of Parliament in Islamabad. The PM, Imran Khan stated that yesterday, he tried to contact to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi telephonically, but in vain.

He laid stress on the need for dialogue between two countries. He stated that Pakistan came ahead for peace and opened the Kartarpur corridor, but there was no positive response from India. He further stated that Kashmiri people have faced an extreme level of atrocities from Indian military forces and now, they only want Freedom.

He further stated that when the Pulwama attack took place, within half an hour, India accused us without solid evidence. We asked India to provide us solid evidence and we will take serious action but in vain.

The premier said that India first attacked Pakistan then sent dossiers of Pulwama Attack. He appreciated Pakistani media for being responsible. He continued, the entire Indian media created war hysteria but Pakistani media worked responsibly and showed solidarity. He said that we again invite India to come and have a dialogue with us on mutual disputes between both the countries. Including the Kashmir dispute, all matters will be resolved through dialogue. He lamented that I wrote a letter to Narendra Modi, but didn’t get a response for that too.

The premier showed hope that India would come forward. He stated that If India comes one step ahead for Peace, Pakistan will move two steps ahead. As a peace gesture, Pakistan will release the arrested Indian pilot Abhi Nandan on Friday. He lamented that he sent his good wishes to India after becoming the prime minister, but the response was not encouraging.

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