[Audio Proof] Pulwama Attack was done by Indian Political Party BJP: Avi Dandiya Claims

A few hours ago an Indian named “Avi Dandiya” who’s not living in India currently, came live on Facebook and shared a voice recording.

In that recording he claims that two famous BJP politicians “Rajnath Singh” and “Amit Shah” in a conference call asked for Pulwama attack for their upcoming election win.

Not only Pulwama but also he proved BJP as a culprit behind uri incident. In that voice recording these politicians asked for Pulwama attack from a lady(We don’t know who she is), and asked to kill 50 to 100 Indian army soldiers and she agreed in return of money.

You can watch the whole video below:

Note: We don’t know if this voice recording is real or not, even Indian public is confused about it and asking Avi Dandiya for more proofs to backup his claims. And more than 30k people have shared this video on social media in just two hours of time. For more updates keep checking ThePost Pakistan News.

Source: Facebook

Rameen Maqsood

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  1. Absolute bs. If he has the guts he should go to India and talk. Not sit somewhere outside in the world . Looks like he is a terrorist.

  2. This is the true voice of the culprits conspirators 1.Amit Shah BJP President 2. Rajnath Singh the Home Minister of India and a lady who is unknown to me. The voices are 100 % of the two the women voice I have heard for the first time.

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