Abhi Nandan Appreciates Pakistan Army’s Generosity on Indian Media

Shakila Nasreen

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Indian Pilot Abhi Nandan

Indian Pilot Abhi Nandan appreciated Pakistan Army’s professionalism in India too. He confessed that the Pakistani army remained generous towards him. He remained under arrest for 60 hours but Pakistan Army never tortured him. He praised Pak Army for its professionalism and Indian Govt. couldn’t tolerate his confession. The Govt. is pondering to set him aside from his current duties in the Indian Air Force. However, no final decision has been taken in this context.

On his arrival to Indian side on Wagah border, the Indian Intelligence Forces immediately took him into the custody and no one even saluted him. He was restricted for talking to media. In a meeting with the Indian Defense Minister, Wing Commander Abhi Nandan was treated disgracefully as suspected personnel as he returned from Pakistan with a soft corner for Pak Army.

On reaching India, Abhi Nandan could not ignore the truly generous behavior of Pak Army with him being a prisoner. He appreciated the Pak Army on Indian platform. For this, Indian Govt. is not going to tolerate him anymore.

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  1. you wrote as good as I wanted to read … about PAKISTAN ….. I feel myself nothing …. but in HEAVEN …. proud 2 be a PAKISTANI


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