#BoycottCareem: Careem Mocking Our Social Values By Displaying Controversial Advertisements

Careem, the famous ride-hailing company in Pakistan is hitting the social and moral values of Pakistani society. It is displaying controversial billboards mocking Marriage that is an essential ingredient of our community.

In the billboard given below, you can see how Careem is affecting negatively to the young generation of Pakistan. It seems as if it is instigating the youngsters to refuse “shadi” and “nikkah” that is an integral part of our culture.

Careem Controversial Billboards

The advertisements influence the youngsters and Careem is creating a very negative influence on them by displaying this kind of ads. See another controversial ad by Careem below. It seems that Careem is following a planned advertisement policy against our social and religious values. See how it is mocking our values. indeed Careem is using the worst kind of advertisement to spoil the minds of youngsters.

Careem Worst Ads

The people are protesting against these billboards on the social media page of the company. The people on the social networking platform are criticizing the worst advertisement by Careem that is controversial to our social and cultural values.

Shakila Nasreen

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