23 March: Resolution Day, SMS, Poetry, Speeches & Parade

23rd March is celebrated with great enthusiasm as a Pakistan Resolution Day or simply Lahore Resolution Day across the land. It is also remembered as “Qarardad-e-Lahore in history. Since Pakistan does not officially publish the Lahore Resolution on 23rd March in the newspapers many people are unaware of its importance. Many people still do not know what was proposed on this day by the Muslim League. Let me explain it in detail.

On the same day, the Muslims from all over British India gathered at Manto Park Lahore where you can see Minar-e-Pakistan today. The then Manto Park witnessed a huge gathering of Muslims for the demand of a separate homeland for a free life. All the members of Muslim League gathered here under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam for neck or nothing.

The Muslims passed a resolution on 23rd March 1940 at Manto Park Lahore, and the Resolution was, “The democratic systems working in England where homogeneous nation lives are not applicable to a heterogeneous society like India. It is admitted that In India, there are various nations. The Muslims are not safe here, and a separate homeland for their survival is unavoidable. So, the constitution must be evolved as India is vast enough to be divided into two parts. The Muslims constitute a big minority, and they are in large number to constitute a nation.”

The British rulers and Congress felt the power of Muslims, and finally, Pakistan came into existence on 14th August 1947. It is a great blessing of God that we are living a free life. So, let’s celebrate Pakistan Resolution Day with enthusiasm to show the world our passion for Pakistan being united today.

Pakistan Resolution Day SMS

The people celebrate this great day by sending SMS to their dear and near ones. The SMS on this day show our devotion to Pakistan and wishes for the prosperity of our country. Find here a variety of SMS you can send on Pakistan Resolution Day to your loved ones and family members.

May ALLAH Bless Us

All With Integrity

To Be Proud Of Our Country

May We All Understand

The True Meaning Of


Kya Aaj Hm Apny Pakistan Ki Qadr Krty Hein??


2nd Largest Salt Mine.

5th Largest Gold Mine.

7th Largest Copper Mine.

5th Largest Coal Reserves

Still Begging From IMF?

7th With Nuclear Bomb

6th Largest Army

Still Silent On Drone Attacks?

11th Largest Wheat Producer

12th Largest Rice Producer

Still, 40 Percent Hardly Get Food To Eat?


Why Is Pakistan Is In Such Position

Do The Leadership Is To  Be Blamed Or?

Let’s Be United and Resolute for a Prosperous Pakistan

Happy Pakistan Resolution Day, 23 March



|=–.!.__..- (* -=-._;







Pakistan Tujhe Salaam

Roushan Rahey Tera Kalaam

Raat Aur Din Chamke Tera Naam

Tujhi Se Hay Subha Meri Tujhi Se Mera Shaym

Her Waqt Yaad Aati Hay Teri Fizaeean

Jab Bhi Leta Hai Koi, Pardes Mein Tera Naam

Pakistan Tujhe Salaam

wish u 23rd March

Do U kNOW what Pakistan MeanS?

No??.. OK Let me TeLL u

P: PerfecT

A: AimitiouS

K: KooL

I: IslamiC

S: SupeR

T: TalenteD

A: AblE

N: NatioN

May ALLAH Bless Us All With Integrity

To Be Proud Of Our Country May

We All Understand The True Meaning Of


Passed On This Day.


Manzil un hi ko milti hai,

Jin k sapnon mein jaan hoti hay.

Paron se kuch nahi hota

“HOSLON” se Udaan hoti hay.

Happy Pakistan (پاکستان)Resolution Day..!!

22 March


Aj 22 March hy

QAID AZAM ne Frmaya,

k jo logon ko 22 March ki khabr dega ussay

Ek Din baad

23 March 1940 ki Chutti milegi.

Today we are miles apart

but I wanna reach across the miles


say I am thinking of you

in a very special way.

Happy Independence Day

Let’s Be United Once Again as we were on 23rd March 1940

Let’s Resolute for a Prosperous Pakistan as we did on 23rd March 1940

Let’s Move ahead to Raise our Flag as we did on 23rd March 1940

Let’s Be True Patriot to Show the World Another Resolution Day

Happy Pakistan Resolution Day








“Na Bijli, Na Paani.”

“Phir Bhi Dil Hai Pakistani”

baly baly 23 march dia MubArakAa..

Pakistan Resolution Day Poetry

The passion of Pakistanis can be experienced by the poetry they send to one another on this historical day. They celebrate Pakistan Resolution Day with great zest and zeal. Here is the poetry you can share with your friends and loved ones to celebrate this great day.

Khuda Kray K Meri Arz E Pak Pe Utray

Wo Fasl E Gul, Jisay Andaisha E Zawal Na Ho.


Happy Pakistan Day 23rd March

Junoon Se!

Aur Ishq Se!

Milti Hai Azaadi.

Qurbani Ki!

Raahon Mien!

Milti Hai Azaadi.

Happy Pakistan Day 23rd March.

Na Main Sindhi,

Na Balochi,

Na Punjabi,

Na Pathan,

Main Hoon Musalman,

Mera Ghar Hai Pakistan,

Let’s be United on Pakistan Resolution Day

Happy Pakistan Day 23rd March.

Hum to Mitt Jaien Gay Aey Arz-e-Watan Lekin

Tum ko To Zinda Rehna Hai Qayamat Ki Sehar Honay Tak

Happy Pakistan Day, Long Live Pakistan.

1 Huay Thay to Bana Tha Pakistan!

1 Rahien Gay To Bachay Ga Pakistan

Long Live Pakistan

Aisi Zameen Aur Aasman

Inkay Siwa Jaana Kahan

Bhadti Rahay Yeh Roshni

Chalta Rahay Yeh Karvan

Dil Dil Pakistan

Jaan Jaan Pakistan

Dil Dil Pakistan

Jaan Jaan Pakistan…

Happy Pakistan Day

Hum To Mit Jaien

Gey Ae ARZ-e-Watan

Lakin Tum ko

Zinda Rehna Hai

Qayamat ki Sehar

Honay Tak

“Pakistan Zindabad”

Happy 23 March

Main Apne Rabb Se Hoon Is baat ka Sawali

Ho Qaim Mere Mulk Mien Aman aur Khush Haali

Happy 23rd March (Pakistan Resolution Day)

Ghulami Mai Na Kaam Aati Hain Shamsherain Na Tadbeerain

Jo Ho Zouq-e-Yaqen Paida Tu Kat Jati Hain Zanjerain

(Happy Pakistan Day, Long Live Pakistan)

Pakistan Resolution Day Speeches

Many organizations and educational institutions celebrate this day by organizing events. They invite different thinkers and famous people to make speeches on this special day. It is celebrated in the commemoration of 23rd March 1947. Every year on this day we resolute on this day to be united as a nation as the Muslims of India stood together as a one unit many decades ago. Here you will find the speeches made on Pakistan Day by different organizations.

Speech No.1

Speech No. 2

Pakistan Resolution Day Parade

Pakistan armed forces organize different events and parade days to commemorate this great day. The Director General of ISPR, Major Asif Ghafoor has released a video ahead of the military parade on March 23. It has been captioned as “Voice of Stars…Pakistan Zindabad” and famous personalities from showbiz and another walk of life wishing in the video.

The military parade in various locations of the country will be witnessed on March 23 to celebrate the Qaradad-e-Pakistan Day.

Military Parade on 23 March 2018

Military Parade on 23 March 2017


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