9 Best April Fools’ Day Hilarious Jokes

There are different disputed conceptions about 1st April. Some people consider it a “Day for Innocent People,” and some straightforwardly call it a “Day for Foolish People.” Whatever it is called, we simply, call it “April Fools’ Day. The modern age has become a mechanical age where nobody gets leisure to enjoy his life. So, a day full of amusement is welcomed cheerfully, and the people celebrate it with great enthusiasm.

We can celebrate this day in various ways. The best way to enjoy 1st April is to make hilarious jokes to your dear and near ones. It will make them realize that you want them to have some fun.

April Fool’s Day Jokes

Replace Oreo Cream with Toothpaste

Well, you can share your favorite Oreo biscuits with your friends and loved ones on this day. But wait for a while. Don’t share the original Oreo biscuits. Replace the cream between the sandwich biscuits with toothpaste and offer these delicious biscuits to your friends. They will look funny while eating and will make you laugh loudly.

Insect Images

If you are good at drawing, make the insect images, fill the colors into them and cut the shapes finely. Now, paste them near the lamp where they look like original insects. You can draw cockroach, lizard and other insects to make your friends afraid at once. It will make all of you amused.

Airhorn Under the Seat

Another amazing joke you can make on this day is to attach the air horn under the seat of your friends/colleagues. Well, take an airhorn and paste it under the seat with scotch tape. It should be at a suitable height where it could blow when someone sits on the chair. He will probably jolt up from the seat, and it will make you amused.

Onion Chocolate Balls

Make the sweet dessert with onions. Take a few onions and some melted chocolate. Coat the onions into the chocolate to look like chocolate balls. Now, offer these delicious chocolate balls to your colleagues who will bite and enjoy the chocolate onions on this great day. It will make you laugh loudly.

Mentos Ice Bombs

It’s the beginning of the hot summer season. So having chilled soda is the need of the hour. Put some Mentos into the ice cube box and let them be frozen. Put these ice cubes into the water to present them. The Mentos will act like ice bombs, and your friends will be terrified for a moment. Anyhow, all are going to enjoy finally.

Replace Air Freshener with Mosquito Killer

If your family uses air freshener excessively, you can enjoy another joke with them. Take the wrapper of the air fresher and wrap the Mosquito killer into it. Paste the cover properly. Now, it will be the air freshener of your family, and you will enjoy the funny expressions at the end.

Put Fake Snake/Lizard into the Vegetables in your Kitchen

Take a rubber snake/lizard from the market and put it in the vegetables/fruits in your kitchen. Hide the entire body of the reptile, and only the head should be visible to make your joke more live. Now, sit on the chair nearby and see the people’s reaction. You can set a video recorder to capture their response and later to share with your friends.

Paint the Soap with Nail Color

If you want to enjoy the reaction of your friends and colleagues, just take a transparent nail colour and paint the soap. Now, put it into the washroom to see how your colleagues react.

Knorr Chicken Shower

Well, you can try to make another joke with your family members and roommates on 1st April. Open the front part of the tap of your shower. Put a few Knorr Chicken Cubes into it and fix the knob again. Now, enjoy the reaction of the people who go to the bathroom to take a shower. They will have a chicken shower, and you will enjoy this hilarious situation.

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