9 Best April Fool’s Day Funny Prank Ideas

April Fool’s Day is celebrated on 1st April every year around the globe. It is a western celebration, but equally popular in the eastern countries. The people play different pranks to amuse themselves and their loved ones on this day. It is full of fun for everyone. In the modern age, everybody is living a mechanic life and has no leisure to enjoy the company of his friends and family members for much time. So, this day brings them closer to enjoy some happy and pleasant moments together. Well, 1st April is almost ahead and here is what you can do on this day.

April Fool’s Day Pranks

Place Googly Eyes on Everything

You can play this prank with your family members who visit your room frequently. Get some Googly eyes images, stickers from the market and place them on everything in your room. Place them on your table, iron, water bottle, walls, door handle and writing desk, etc. Switch off the light now. Whenever someone enters your room and switches the light on, he will become terrified instantly. It seems like everything is gazing at you. You can also capture the video of his expressions on seeing googly eyed items. It will amuse everyone.

Make Dinner for Friends

Cut a piece of card in the shape of a fish. It should look as if you have bought the fish from the market for dinner. Now place it into beaten eggs and put into breadcrumbs to make it perfect real fish meat. Fry it and enjoy the expressions of your friends. It will make you laugh for many hours when they will try to cut the fish with a knife, and it will not work.

Infest with Fake Rats

 It is a very amusing prank for 1st April. You can play it with the family members who are allergic to rats. Well, buy a dozen of fake rats from the market and spread all over the floor in the TV lounge. Hide behind the door and see how your family members will react to seeing a lot of rats in the TV lounge.

Dip Glasses/Keys into Jelly

This prank is particularly associated with mums. They usually play it with their kids, and some women play it with their husbands. You can also play it with your loved ones. Place the important items like Glasses and door keys, etc. into the Jelly and leave a note for them “Happy April Fool’s Day” to make them aware of the reason for your prank. They will be amused and enjoy it.

Replace the Contact’s Names

Another very amusing prank is to replace the contacts’ names in the phone of your loved ones. Let say! Replace Meena with Sarah and Sarah with George, George with Michael. You will enjoy the expressions of your friends for the entire day when they try to call Sarah and to dial the number of Meena. You will laugh loudly in this hilarious situation.

Replace Bubble Gums with Play-Doh

Even more, buy some bubble gums from the market and replace all of them with the same sized play-doh. Pack them carefully and present to your friends on 1st April. It will be a hilarious situation when they will try to chew it as bubble gum and spit it off in a funny way. You will laugh for many hours on their weird expressions.

Broccoli Lollipops

It is a different prank the mums can play with their kids who love eating lollipops. Take a few small pieces of broccoli and put them on straws. Now, wrap them with beautiful lollipop covers and present your kids on this great day.

Ceiling Fan Confetti

Put a large amount of confetti on the ceiling fan and sit calmly. In the hot summer, someone entering the room will surely switch one the fan, and you will enjoy his expressions.


Get some stickers and write some funny comments on them and paste on the back of your friends. You can write different comments on the stickers like “For Sale,” “Mr Crazy” or “April Fool,” etc. Enjoy the reaction of the people that will make you laugh too.

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