Pakistan To Be a Part of “Road to Makkah” Project of Saudi Arab

Shakila Nasreen

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Pakistan becomes a part of Road to Makkah project

ISLAMABAD: Saudi Government has added Pakistan into its Road to Makkah Project. Pakistan is the first country in Asia to be a part of the Saudi project “Road to Makkah.”

According to an agreement between Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Suleman bin Abdul Aziz, the Hajis will travel to Saudi Arab like they are traveling in domestic flights. No immigration process will take place at Jeddah airport.

The Saudi Hajj authorities will provide the immigration facilities to Pakistan on various airports including Islamabad and Karachi. Initially, the facility will be provided on these two airports, but later, Peshawar and Quetta will also be included in the immigration facility plan. The Hajis will get pre-clearance on the said airports before their departure for Hajj.

14 member delegation of Saudi Hajj Authorities is arriving Pakistan on 1st April to take initiative for the immigration process of Hajis on Pakistan Airports.

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