Ufone, after becoming a part of Etisalat has taken revolutionary decisions to provide the best quality voice, internet, and SMS services to the users. Another milestone set by Ufone is an upgrade to 4G/LTE services in Pakistan. Since every telecom company is offering 4G/LTE technology to the customers; it was crucial and already delayed for Ufone to launch it.

Ufone has officially announced the upgrade to the 4G/LTE very late, but it had already begun rolling out to 4G/LTE at the beginning of the year. According to the PTA statistical analysis in February 2019, Ufone had 365,185 4G subscribers. So, the statistics show that Ufone has already upgraded to 4G/LTE, but was reluctant to announce officially.

Currently, the company representative, Amir Pasha has stated that Ufone has initiated 4G/LTE services in all major cities of Pakistan. He further stated that the 4G/LTE coverage includes Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Quetta. However, Karachi is still on the cards.

He further argued that the company delayed upgrade intentionally. In previous years, the main target of the company was to spread the 3G services in all over the country even in the remotest regions.

If you want to check the compatibility of your SIM with 4G/LTE, dial *4# to know.

You will get a message as shown below.

Code for 4G LTE SIM

via: Express Tribune



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