Milk Price Hikes in Karachi by 25 Rupees per Liter

Shakila Nasreen

Milk Prices Increased Rapidly

KARACHI: A new wave of inflation has touched Karachi. The Dairy Farms Association has increased the price of milk by Rs 25 per liter in Karachi. So, the new prices for milk will be Rs 108 per liter. The Dairy Farms will sell the milk on the said price whereas; the consumers will get it on higher prices.

The spokesperson of the Dairy Farms Association stated that the dialogues between the Commissioner Karachi and Dairy Farmers failed and resultantly, the Dairy Farmers had to increase the prices. The main reason for the increased rate of milk is the increased transport fares. The cost for cow fodder was also increased. So, the Dairy Farmers had to increase the milk rate.

It is worth mentioning that the Government has set the milk price at Rs 94 per liter.

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