KARACHI: The negligence of medical staff in Darul Sehat Hospital paralyzed to a 9 months old child Nishwa. Her parents brought Nishwa and her twin sister to the hospital for the treatment of Diarrhea. The nurse gave the wrong injection to Nishwa and she became paralyzed.

According to Nishwa’s father, the injection should be dissolved into the body within 24 hours and the nurse injected the medicine instantly. That infected and Nishwa’s condition became critical. She was kept on the ventilator for one week. After one week, she was paralyzed.

The negligence of the medical staff turned his 9 months old child into paralyzed. Her father Qaisar stated that the hospital administration verified and admitted that the wrong injection caused her child paralyzed. The brain of the girl is completely paralyzed due to the wrong injection. Her father has reported to the police against the hospital administration.

The owner of the hospital, Amir Chishti refused to give his statement on this matter.

Update: An FIR has been filed under sections 34, 324 and 337 against hospital’s administration.

Update 2: 9 months old child Nashwa was suffering from the brain damage due to the wrong injection at Dar-ul-Sehat Hospital Karachi has passed away at another hospital.


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