Asad Umar Decides to Resign from the Post of Finance Minister

Asad Umar has announced on Thursday that he has decided to resign from the post of Finance Minister.

ISLAMABAD: The current Finance Minister of Pakistan, Asad Umar has decided to step down from his post. He has announced on Thursday that he is resigning from his post. He further stated that the PM Imran Khan desired that he should take the Energy Minister post instead of Finance Minister, but he has convinced the PM to not to hold even Energy Ministry.

According to the sources, Prime Minister Imran Khan showed dissatisfaction over the performance of the current Finance Minister. Some names are under consideration for the post of Finance Minister including Shaukat Tareen, Hafeez Pasha, Dr. Ishrat Hussain, and Salman Shah.

On Thursday morning, Asad Umar took on Twitter and announced that he is leaving the Finance Minister’s post. He further continued that the PM Imran Khan asked him to hold the Energy Minister’s post, but he has convinced the PM to not to take any cabinet position.

He further stated that PTI Government inherited Pakistan in a very critical state. Now, the economy of Pakistan is in a far better position.

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