Telenor WhatsApp Packages: Free, Daily, Weekly and Monthly

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used social platforms. You can be in touch with your friends and loved ones by using WhatsApp. It allows you to share the photos, videos, and songs. You can share your precious moments with your near and dear ones. What if you do not have sufficient MBs to share a bulky video file to your friends? Telenor brings affordable WhatsApp packages for its users. These are available in convenient rates on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Telenor Daily WhatsApp Package

  • You’ll be charged Rs.1
  • You can use it in 24 hours time.
  • It’ll provide you with 50MB data.
  • To subscribe dial *311#.
  • You can enjoy social apps like Whatsapp, Twitter, and Facebook.

In Rs 1, Telenor gives you access to Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp for the entire day. You get 50 MB in Social Pack that lasts till the midnight of the same day. See the details below to get this offer.

Package NamePriceVolumeDurationActivation Details
Daily SMS Package Rs 1 50MB for WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter Expires the same day midnight Dial *311# to Activate

Note: This offer is valid for Telenor and Djuice users.

Telenor 3-Day WhatsApp Package

  • You’ll be charged Rs.40.
  • You can use it in 3 days time.
  • It’ll provide you with 50MB data.
  • To subscribe dial *5*3#.
  • You can enjoy 100MB internet for social apps including WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook.
  • You’ll also get 250 off-net and 250 on-net minutes.
  • You’ll also have 250 SMS.

Telenor Weekly WhatsApp Package

  • You’ll be charged Rs.90.
  • You can use it in 7 days.
  • It’ll provide you with 350MB data.
  • To subscribe dial *5*7#
  •  Unlimited multimedia sharing included.
  • 350MB social pack, 100MB browsing.
  • 700 SMS, 1000  on-net minutes and 70 off-net minutes included.

Telenor introduces some very convenient social packages for the users of Telenor and Djuice. These are not on a daily basis. You can avail them for a bit longer time i.e. for 3 days and for a week. These packages are available at very affordable rates. The 3-Day WhatsApp Package makes you free from the worries of having a shortage of balance for three days. Once you subscribe for the offer, you would be able to use WhatsApp for three days. A very attractive offer in the weekly packages is the “Free” Telenor package. It allows you to use WhatsApp free for the entire week. Now, you can send and receive unlimited messages, photos, and videos on WhatsApp. This package brings 100MB for the entire week. See the details below.

Package NamePriceVolumeDurationActivation Details
3-Din Sahulat Offer Rs 40 100MB for WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook, 50MB internet browsing, 25 Off-net minutes, 250 On-net minutes, 250 SMS 3 Days Dial *5*3#
Haftawar Sahulat Pack Rs 90 350MB Social Pack, 100MB Browsing, 700 SMS, 1000  On-net Minute, 70 Off-net Minutes 7 Days Dial *5*7#
*Free Package N/A 100MB for WhatsApp 7 Days Dial *213#

*Terms & Conditions

If you share your location on WhatsApp, you will be charged for it. The Free WhatsApp package includes free messaging, photo sharing, video sharing, voice, and video call.

If you have no balance in your Telenor number, you cannot avail or continue this offer. To avail this offer, you need to keep some balance in your account. Even 1 paisa in your account will give you access to the package.

If you change your package, the “Free” WhatsApp package will expire automatically.

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Telenor WhatsApp Packages Monthly

  • You’ll be charged 40+tax.
  • You can use it in 30 days,
  • It’ll provide you with 300MB Internet.
  • To subscribe dial *2*2*3#
  • You’ll also get 300MB social media internet and 10,000 SMS.

Telenor does not offer a WhatsApp package for a month exclusively. However, in Messaging bundle, you get 300 free MB for WhatsApp and Facebook along with 10,000 messages. To see the activation details, see the details below.

Package NamePriceVolumeDurationActivation Details
Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Package Rs 40 300MB for WhatsApp and Facebook along with 10,000 messages 30 Days Dial *2*2*3#

Telenor Postpaid WhatsApp Packages

  • You’ll be charged Rs. 100
  • You can use it in 30 days.
  • It’ll provide you with unlimited data.
  • To subscribe dial *345*486#.

Telenor brings only one WhatsApp package for the postpaid users. It is not only for the users of WhatsApp but also for the users of Facebook and Twitter, etc. The bundle is known as Postpaid Social Bundle and it brings unlimited MBs for the postpaid users for the entire month to use on social networking sites.

Package NamePriceVolumeDurationActivation Details
Telenor Postpaid Social Bundle Rs 100 Unlimited WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook 30 Days Dial *345*486#


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