Ramadan 2019 Calendar Pakistan: All Cities Sehar & Iftar Timetables

Dua for Sehr in Ramadan

Sawm (Roza) is one of the five pillars of Islam. Ramadan is a great blessing of Allah Almighty for Muslims. The Muslims from all over the world make special preparations for the month of Ramadan to have fasting for the entire month. In Pakistan, the people get enthusiastic as the Ramadan month approaches. Same is the case now. Ramadan month is approaching in a few days and the people want to know the Sehar and Iftar timings. They are also excited to know the starting date of Ramadan.

Iftar Dua for Ramadan

This year, Ramadan will start on Monday, 6th May 2019. It is a tentative date only. The actual date can be different as the beginning of Ramadan is based on the Moon sighting. Same like the beginning, the length of Ramadan month also varies on moon sighting.

Here, I have presented the Ramadan Calendar for 2019 with dates, Sehar, and Iftar timing in Lahore

Ramadan Calendar for Sehr-o-Iftar 2019

1Mon 06 May04:30 AM7:05 PM
2Tue 07 May04:29 AM7:05 PM
3Wed 08 May04:28 AM7:06 PM
4Thu 09 May04:27 AM7:07 PM
5Fri 10 May04:26 AM7:07 PM
6Sat 11 May04:26 AM7:08 PM
7Sun 12 May04:25 AM7:08 PM
8Mon 13 May04:24 AM7:09 PM
9Tue 14 May04:23 AM7:09 PM
10Wed 15 May04:23 AM7:10 PM
11Thu 16 May04:22 AM7:10 PM
12Fri 17 May04:21 AM7:11 PM
13Sat 18 May04:21 AM7:11 PM
14Sun 19 May04:20 AM7:12 PM
15Mon 20 May04:19 AM7:12 PM
16Tue 21 May04:19 AM7:13 PM
17Wed 22 May04:18 AM7:13 PM
18Thu 23 May04:18 AM7:14 PM
19Fri 24 May04:17 AM7:14 PM
20Sat 25 May04:17 AM7:15 PM
21Sun 26 May04:16 AM7:15 PM
22Mon 27 May04:16 AM7:16 PM
23Tue 28 May04:15 AM7:16 PM
24Wed 29 May04:15 AM7:17 PM
25Thu 30 May04:15 AM7:17 PM
26Fri 31 May04:14 AM7:18 PM
27Sat 01 June04:14 AM7:18 PM
28Sun 02 June04:14 AM7:18 PM
29Mon 03 June04:13 AM7:19 PM
30Tue 04 June04:13 AM7:19 PM

Ramadan Calendar 2019 for Major Cities of Pakistan

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