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13 Best Whitening Night Creams in Pakistan

Every girl dreams of fair and clear skin. To get flawless look with least makeup, we try a lot of remedies and tips. It would not be wrong to count myself in the list of girls who are looking for new things to try and make their skin appear healthier and glowy.

A lot of people wonder the reason behind using skin whitening creams at night. According to my personal experience, fairness creams work more effectively if they are used at night. During the day time, we are exposed to dust, sun rays, pollution, and sweat as well.

Whitening creams do work during the day time, but it will take longer for you to get the desired results. I was more worried about the dark spots from previous acne and skin tan which is why I tried a number of skin whitening night creams. I know it is wrong to apply so much on your face and do experiments, but when you are looking at a goal, you do everything to achieve it; and that is what I did.

I have focused more on the creams that we can find easily in Pakistan, and also that the creams we find here are made according to the skin tone and skin quality of Pakistani people. So let us begin with the list of top 10 skin whitening night creams in Pakistan.

Top Night Creams for Glowing Fairness

1. Oriflame NovAge Bright Sublime Advanced Brightening Night Cream 50ML

Oriflame NovAge Bright Sublime Advanced Brightening Night Cream 50ML

Make your every morning very special by fading the dark spots on the face. The Oriflame NoAge comes with the non-sticky ingredients that penetrate deeply into the layers of your skin and leave the outer layer soft and without dead cells. After a long hectic day, it brings relaxation for you and helps bring a better sleep.

The overnight application of Oriflame NoAge brightens the skin. The antioxidant Ginkgo Flavonoids in the cream nourishes the cells of the outer layer and reduces the ageing effects. The cream is from a well-recognized brand and tested by the experienced dermatologists. So, you can trust in its functioning.

Even if you want some more, it reduces the ultraviolet pigmentation and leaves a finer texture of your facial skin. The moisturizer in this night cream is sufficient to make your entire day fresh.

Skin Type: Normal and Dry.

2. L’oreal Paris White Perfect Fairness Revealing Soothing Night Cream

Loreal Paris White Perfect Fairness Revealing Soothing Night Cream

L’oreal is my favorite brand. I have used their lipsticks and foundations and they are the finest. I had to try their night cream also, as it has a lovely packaging.

I applied it on the first day over my face and neck, and the next morning my pimples were smaller than they were a night before.

It was an enchanting surprise for me. I have oily skin and it worked for me. My friend has dry skin and when she applied it, it started burning after a few minutes and she had to wash it off immediately. So kindly try it out on a small part of your face before application to avoid any problem.

So, the results are that it is not favorable for dry or sensitive skin but works fine for the oily and normal skin. You can always use their lightening creams for sensitive skin but this is not recommended.

For oily and normal skin, L’oreal Paris White Perfect Fairness Revealing Soothing Night Cream gives relief from pimples and pigmentation; leading to the brightness of skin.

3. Eveline White Prestige 4D Night Cream

Eveline White Prestige 4D Night Cream

The Hyaluronic Acid in the Eveline White Prestige 4D keeps your skin soft. It moisturizes the skin cells deeply. The LumiSkin is an advanced ingredient in the cream that delays the ageing effects and enhances the brightness of your skin.

Another ingredient Melanin in the cream reduces the dark spots and pigmentation. It also prevents the formation of new dark spots on the face. The Argan Oil in the cream leaves soothing effects and work as a protection layer on the skin. The Lipomoist nourishes the skin with an extra protection layer and prevents the water loss.

So, it is a good choice for the ladies who are looking an affordable night cream for dry skin. If you use it before makeup, it prevents the flakiness and nourishes the skin with necessary moisture. Be fresh all the day by using it at the night. It is not a miracle cream. So, you can’t say it will work overnight effectively. It works very well, but you need to apply it regularly.

Skin Type: All Skin Types.

4. Olay Natural White Nourishing Skin Night Cream

Olay Natural White Nourishing Skin Night Cream

We all love Olay moisturizer and hand cream, now is the time to try their night cream. Their nourishing skin night cream claims to provide 7 benefits; that are:

  • Lightening of skin tone
  • Brightness of skin
  • Reduction of dark spots
  • Even skin tone
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Smooth texture
  • Pore reduction

In a normal price you will get a big tub of Olay night cream; enough to last for more than two months. The texture of the cream is thick but it spreads easily, and we all love the sweet fragrance.

Within 2 weeks of regular use, my face is brighter and glowy than ever before. With floral extracts and glycerin contents, my skin looks fresh and healthy.

I have used it in winters also, and my skin did not turn dark as it usually does. Olay night cream maintained my skin tone so I could proudly wear all the winter colors.

I also like their packaging, but it is very hard to find. Only limited stores have the Olay range which is why I have ranked it at the last number. But given the performance, there is no doubt about it.

5. Oriflame Optimals Even Out Replenishing Night Cream 50 Gm

Oriflame Optimals Even Out Replenishing Night Cream 50 Gm

Oriflame Optimals Even Out cream helps restore the natural moisture of the skin. It brightens the skin tone and leaves an improved and glowing skin. The non-greasy ingredients make it perfect to use as a day cream, before makeup cream and night cream.

The key ingredient Rumex reduces the dark pigmentation and leaves a flawless skin. The Lingon 50:50 is a protective antioxidant technology to protect your skin cells from damage. It nourishes the skin cells deeply and leaves a fresher and brighter skin. It protects your skin from brown spots and tanning due to the environmental pollution.

Skin Type: All Skin Types.

6. Lotus Herbals White Glow Skin Whitening and Brightening Night Cream

Lotus Herbals White Glow Skin Whitening and Brightening Night Cream

I will rank it in the first place because it works three ways. I used it for 3 months and people were drooling over my improved complexion and smooth skin texture. It lightens the skin tone by reducing the pigmentation.

Then it unveils the fairer skin by working on the dark spots. Lastly, it improves the skin radiance. I used to clean my face before applying Lotus Herbals White Glow Skin Whitening and Brightening Night Cream.

Then, using my fingertips, I used to spread it evenly over my face and neck. Applying on the neck is important because you would not want to see a difference in both parts as both of them are exposed to sunlight at daily basis.

It is advised to use the cream with the brightening serum to get quick results, but I am a patient person so I did not use the serum and got the desired results in 6 weeks.

It has various fruit extracts in it, which gives it an amazing fragrance. It is not at all greasy which makes it suitable for all skin types. I have a supple and soft skin now due to this skin whitening night cream by Lotus.

7. Fair & Lovely Advanced Multivitamin Night Cream

Fair & Lovely Advanced Multivitamin Night Cream

Fair & Lovely is said to be the pioneer working for the skin related issues. I have used their BB Cream previously which gave good results, so I went to try their Advanced Multivitamin Night Cream.

It has the signature strong fragrance and contains Vitamin A, C, B and much more as per their ingredient list on the packaging.

My skin appeared rejuvenated and radiant in the morning; also it kept my skin well hydrated. Unlike their other creams, it does not have a white chalky impact on the face.

I find Fair & Lovely an affordable brand; also it gives you desirable result in a few days. However, you have to keep using it for permanent treatment of those dark spots and skin tan.

Experts advise using the Fair & Lovely Advanced Multivitamin Night Cream with Fair & Lovely Advanced Multivitamin Day Cream. My personal experience involved both the creams.

8. Janssen Cosmetics White Secrets Brightening Night Restore Cream

Janssen Cosmetics White Secrets Brightening Night Restore Cream

I was familiar with Janssen Cosmetics because I always preferred their facial products when I went to a saloon.

I didn’t know that they had skin whitening night cream as well. I happened to come across their brightening night cream one day and thought of giving it a try.

It is expensive but given that their facial products are amazing, I got my hands over it.

I have oily skin so skin fariness creams do well to me usually, so did Janssen. It worked on the hyperpigmentation and the oil that used to appear on my T-zone.

You just have to use a small quantity and rub it all over your face and neck. One jar can last for about 2 months and you will get noticeable results. The company claims to inhibit melanin synthesis, which in turn makes the skin soft and supple.

In the morning, my face was all soft and grease-free. Skin tan went away after regular use of 4 weeks and the lip area which is usually dark, matched well with the cheeks. I think this refers to an even skin tone. It is also an expensive cream but given the results, it is totally worth it.

9. Ponds Flawless White Night Cream

Ponds Flawless White Night Cream

Ponds need no introduction, as we all use their moisturizer and hand creams. I had heard about their day cream but due to wearing regular makeup I never gave it a try, instead, I went for the night cream as my skin and face both are relaxed and makeup free at night.

VAO-B3 is the major ingredient as per the list on their packaging. I applied a little amount of this cream after cleansing my face and neck.

Even application is important to get even skin tone. It gives a satin smooth finish and the creamy texture is easy to apply.

I found it to be a good moisturizer also, but I don’t like the fragrance. It is light but doesn’t go with my preferences.

My dark spots disappeared after 7 weeks of regular use but nothing happened with the dark circles.

Its results are not outstanding but I have ranked it at this stage because it can be used on all skin types; also it is quite affordable.

10. Lakme Youth Infinity Skin Firming Night Cream

Lakme Youth Infinity Skin Firming Night Cream

There are only a few night creams that fulfill the purpose of both skin whitening and firming. Lakme is one of the creams that gives unexpectedly good results.

They claim that you will wake up to a flawless and tight ski within a few days. I tried it on the recommendation of a friend, and it somehow turns out to be true.

It made my skin soft yet firm at the same time. You do not have to take a large quantity to cover face and neck so my jar lasted for more than 2 months.

With proper massage technique, you can apply the cream evenly and wait for the amazing results.

One thing I did not like about the cream is that it is too much white and very obvious. But, as I have to apply it at night so it is not that big of a deal; plus it smells lovely.

I keep inhaling the fragrance before applying. A bit crazy, but true! The packaging is classy and pretty.

11. Biotique Wheat Germ Nourishing Youthful Night Cream

Biotique Wheat Germ Nourishing Youthful Night Cream

Biotoque is a delightful product for the ladies with dry skin. My sister has dry skin which is why she finds it difficult to try fairness creams because they usually add more dryness to the skin.

However, with the natural extracts in Biotique Wheat Germ Nourishing Youthful Night Cream, your skin gets complete nourishment. My sister has a dry scalp so she uses almond oil, and almond extracts in the cream have done a miracle to her complexion and appearance. All the dry patches vanished from her face and her skin got smooth and soft.

The carrot extracts add a natural glow to the skin and flower extracts help to make the skin soft and supple.

However, do not forget to cleanse before applying the cream and wash the face with warm water in the morning. Also, due to all natural ingredients, there is no chance of side effects.

12. Oriflame Optimals White Oxygen Boost Night Cream

Oriflame Optimals White Oxygen Boost Night Cream

This is a whitening night cream for normal to dry skin. Oriflame is an emerging brand which is why they are concentrating a lot on the performance of their products.

This is a moderately priced whitening night cream which treats pigmentation. It may have an artificial and sharp fragrance, which might be a problem but it fades away in a few minutes.

Oriflame Optimals White Oxygen Boost Night Cream has a watery texture which helps it to spread and absorb easily.

In the first few days, you may be a bit confused about the post-application feel, but do not get to the judgments quickly.

Wait for the cream to work. When I used it, after a week I felt my skin to be properly hydrated. Within 3 weeks, there was a great reduction in pigmentation and increase in skin brightness.

I could go out without wearing too much foundation. You can find their products at their counters in departmental stores or contact their agents. It is a good cream to deal with pigmentation.

13. Garnier Skin Naturals White Complete Night Cream

Garnier Skin Naturals White Complete Night Cream

Garnier Skin Naturals White Complete Night Cream claims to reduce the dark spots and prevent further darkening of the skin.

I found the texture of cream to be more like a lotion which makes it easy to spread and absorb in the skin. It feels greasy but when massaged properly, it absorbs without leaving any impact on your face.

Unlike many other night creams, it worked as a moisturizer for me and within two days I felt a prominent change in the texture of my skin.

My acne scars got the light which means that it worked for me. I also got a natural glow, for which I should thank the natural extracts.

However, the whitening action is not that much effective, but if you are looking for something to work on even tone and glow then this is the pick.

Application Guide for Best Results

If you want to get the best results of applying any night cream, just follow the instructions below.

  • Apply the night cream for at least 7 to 8 hours.
  • Do not apply the cream off and on. Apply it regularly on the skin.
  • Apply the cream softly in upward circular motion. Do not rub the cream on your face.
  • Use the prescribed quantity of the cream.

There is a misconception among a lot of people that a night cream can also be used during the day and still give the same results. This is not the case.

Night creams are designed in such a way that they tend to work best when the skin is at rest and there is least facial movement. One little favor we can do for our skin is to cleanse it before going to bed.

Cleaning not only removes the excess dust but also lets the skin pores to breathe and absorb healthy nutrients from the air. Applying whitening creams at night gives it enough time to absorb into the skin and work from within.

Also, you are not exposed to pollution or sunlight at night which increases the chances of improvement in health and tone of the skin.

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