How to Check Ufone Sim Number, Ownership and Details

Last updated on April 29th, 2019 at 11:21 am

Many people in the world have a short memory and they cannot remember their own phone number. It seems quite embarrassing when any of your old friends meet you on the road and while exchanging contact numbers, you forget your own number.

Well, not only the short memory, sometimes, you change your number and you can’t remember your number when you want to forward it to your friends and loved ones.

Ufone brings a very easy method to check your number. It is particularly for the people who get a new SIM and still they can’t remember their personal number. Ufone offers different methods to check your number. By using these methods, you can quickly check your SIM number to exchange with your friends and loved ones. So, when Ufone is here, you cannot be embarrassed. See the methods below.

Methods to Check Ufone Number

Method # 1

You need to dial *780*3# from your phone. It will show you the number you are using. The method works for Ufone number only.

Method #2

Another method to check your Ufone number is to dial *1# from your phone. By dialing this USSD code, your Ufone number will appear on the screen and you can check what Ufone number you are using now.

Method # 3

If you want to check your number by using the SMS, you need to type “MNP” in the message and send it to 667. It will instantly show the Ufone number you are using. It not only shows the details of your number but also shows whether you are using a prepaid or postpaid connection along with your CNIC number and the activation date of the number.

Method # 4

If you want to check your Ufone number and you have internet access, visit this site to get the details of your Ufone number. However, it will require your CNIC.

So, guys, all the above methods are quite handy and tested. Sometimes, method # 3 does not work. But it is very useful. So, don’t give up. Due to the busy system, it may response later. Keep trying and enjoy using Ufone services.

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