Mobilink Jazz eCare: Features, Signup & Usage Guide

Mobilink Jazz introduces a very useful service that is known as Jazz eCare. It lets you know the current credit, call, internet and SMS history of your number.

Mobilink Jazz is a leading telecom company in Pakistan that is covering the largest number of mobile users in Pakistan. It always brings quite handy services for the users. This time, Mobilink Jazz has introduced “Ecare” service that is getting immensely popular among the users.

Jazz Ecare brings a revolutionary change in the telecom services in Pakistan. Jazz Ecare allows you easy access to the calls, SMS and internet history of your number. If you want to remain in budget, you need to know the details regarding how many calls you have made in the previous month and how much it cost you. In the same way, you can check the message and internet history too.

Mobilink Jazz eCare

Salient Features of Jazz eCare

Let’s move to the salient features of Jazz Ecare to know what it is and how beneficial it is for Jazz users.

Current Credit

You can get the information regarding your current credit. It allows you to manage the credit.

Current Status

The current status of your number is visible in Jazz Ecare. You can get knowledge about the current package and services you are using.

eCare application

Call History

All the incoming, outgoing and missed calls are shown in this section. You can get information regarding any call time, duration and the date of the call. So, you do not need to check the Call Log history in your mobile now. Jazz Ecare allows you to check the calls history online while you are sitting anywhere.

SMS History

Jazz Ecare brings your SMS history to let you know whether you are sending and receiving an excessive or limited number of SMS. It also allows you to check the SMS you have sent to other numbers and the received SMS with the time and the contact number from where you have received.

Internet History

Jazz Ecare has another exciting feature that is Internet History. You can check the internet history by using the Ecare by Mobilink Jazz. It allows you to maintain your web browsing, downloading and uploading. This section allows you to check the content you have downloaded, uploaded or searched online.

How to Signup for eCare

It is not a difficult task to Signup to Jazz Ecare. Following are the steps you need to take to Signup to Jazz Ecare.

Go to the official site of jazz. You can download the eCare app from Google Play Store too.

You will see here the “Login” option on the right side of the screen. Click the option “Mobile Connect Log-in” given here.

eCare Login

It will redirect you to another screen where you need to add your Jazz number and click the “Login” option.

You will get a confirmation message on your Jazz number. Type 1 and reply to the message to confirm that it is authorized Signup.

Now, type the 4 digit code in the box you have received on your mobile phone.

It will recognize your number after matching the 4-digit code and will give you access to Jazz Ecare.

Jazz eCare App

Now, you can easily check the features and can use it.

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