How to Check Zong Sim Number using Code Without Balance

It is not a hard nut to crack to get your Zong SIM details if you have forgot your number.

Sometimes you can’t remember your phone number when you have got a new SIM. Luckily, if you are using a Zong SIM card, you can quickly check your number by using various methods. Many sites are explaining different codes to the users to check their Zong number. Some require balance, and some do not need even a single penny in your Zong account. But many of these methods are not working. I have already gone through this experience, and it was quite annoying for me to get the correct approach to check the Zong Number without balance. Well, during experiments, I have found some practical solutions, and I will share with all of you so that you could never go through the same irritation as me.

So, here are the solutions to your problem.

Methods to Check Zong SIM Number

Method # 1: Via Zong USSD Code

Zong brings a straightforward method for you to check your number. It is 100% working. You need to ask your friend’s number first with whom you want to exchange your number.

You need to type *100# from your phone. It will show you a few options. Reply with 1 and type your friend’s number in the given box. It will send your number to your friend’s mobile with the message “Call Me.”

So, he can save your number and also let you know your Zong SIM number.

Method # 2: Via Phone

Another effortless way to get your Zong SIM number is to check the Settings in your phone.

Follow the process given below, and you will get your Zong SIM number within a few seconds.

Go to the “Settings” on your phone.

Here, look for the “About Phone” option. Most probably it exists in the “System” category.

Here, Select “Status” category where you need to tap the “SIM Status” option.

You will see here the option “My phone number” where your Zong number is appearing.

That’s all guys! You can anytime get your Zong SIM number without calling to the helpline.

Method # 3: Via Helpline

If you do not want to follow the methods given above, you can adopt another very easy way. It is to call at the helpline number of Zong. The Zong representative will guide you regarding the desired details. Follow the steps below.

Dial the Zong helpline number “310” from your SIM. The representative will ask you about your name, your CNIC number, and your IMSI number. The IMSI number is printed on the back of the SIM you are using. Every SIM card has a unique IMSI number that consists of 15 digits.

So, on providing him all these details, you will get your Zong SIM number.

Remember that all these methods do not require balance. If you have zero or less balance, the methods above will still work.

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