ECC Approves a Hike of Rs 9 in Petrol and Rs 4.89 in Diesel Price

ISLAMABAD: The Economic Coordination Committee has given the approval of the new prices for petrol, diesel and kerosene oil. According to the ECC Notification, the petrol prices will be hiked by Rs 9. So, the public will get petrol for Rs 108/liter.

OGRA recommended the increase of Rs 14 in petrol prices for the month of May. However, the ECC approves the increase of Rs 9 in petrol prices. A detailed report on the tax collection on Petrol and Petroleum products was submitted to the Senate on Friday. It was discussed in the Senate meeting that the Government is receiving Rs 26.50/liter tax on petrol and Rs 9.84 as transport cost for petroleum products.

According to the documents submitted in the Senate, the Govt. is receiving Rs 39.96/liter as a tax on high-speed diesel. In the same way, the government’s purchasing price for light diesel oil is Rs 66.44 and the selling price is Rs 80.54.

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