Zong Free Facebook for Postpaid and Prepaid

Here are three Free Facebook offers by Zong for postpaid and prepaid users. All are absolutely free for them.

Facebook is one of the most demanded social networks all around the world. The people from Pakistan also want to stay connected with their loved ones by using the Facebook platform.  It brings the people closer to their dear and near ones. It also brings new friends to you. In short, Facebook has become an effective source of communication between the people. But you cannot keep posting on Facebook if you do not have sufficient internet bucket. What if you want to share your current images with your friends on Facebook and you have a few MBs in your net bucket?

Free Facebook for New Users of Zong

The users of the new Zong SIM can avail free Facebook for 14 days. If you want to use it, create an account on Facebook with your Zong number and it will give you unlimited Facebook data for the next 14 days.

Facebook Flex

Zong brings a very convenient social offer for the users of Facebook that is known as Facebook Flex. Facebook Flex brings free Facebook for the users of Zong. It does not require balance. The free mode of Facebook includes a few things.

Free Mode

You can check your status, upload new status, share comments. You can chat with your friends and even send and receive friend requests.

Data Mode

If you want to use Facebook in Data Mode, you can post and see HD photos and external links. In this mode, you need to pay for using Facebook.

Zong Facebook Free Basics

Facebook Free Basics allows you to use Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and many more sites without charging money. The free basics bring more than 50 sites free without using the charges.

You only need to switch to “Free Mode” while using Facebook.

There is no subscription code to switch to Facebook Free Basics.

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