The US Govt. to Deport More Than 60 Pakistanis

The Trump Govt. has decided to deport more than 60 Pakistanis from the US. They will arrive to Pakistan on Wednesday.

WASHINGTON: The US Govt. has announced a final decision to deport more than 60 Pakistanis. According to the sources, more than 60 Pakistanis were detained due to immigration violation, criminal activities and other serious allegations. So, the Trump administration has decided to deport them from the US. The US Govt. will send these detainees back to Pakistan (Islamabad) via a specially chartered plane. The detainees will arrive in Pakistan on Wednesday.

An official from Embassy of Pakistan has confirmed the news of deporting of more than 60 Pakistanis from the US. He stated that both the countries are trying hard to refine the visa policy. Recently, Pakistan has also revised the visa policy and added the US in the list of countries whose people can get a long-term visa and on-arrival visa. In the same way, the US Govt. issued a warning last month that it will withhold the list of Pakistani citizens according to the latest rules. The deportation is due to the new rules and visa policies of the US Govt.

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