US Dollar Touches to Rs 146.25, All Time Highest Price

Due to the agreement between IMF and Pakistan, the dollar price is increased up to Rs 2.25. The new price of dollar is Rs 146.25.

KARACHI: The US dollar has reached to Rs 146.25 that is the all-time highest price in the open market.

According to the sources, due to the agreement between Pakistan and IMF, the dollar price has increased and it has reached to Rs 146.25. On Wednesday, an increase of Rs 2.25 is seen.

The IMF has secured a $6 billion bailout for Pakistan on Sunday. As a result, the rate of dollar has increased.

Another reason for the increase in dollar rate is the investor. The investors are taking the IMF conditions negatively particularly for the free float of rupee VS dollar. So, the investors in Pakistan are considering the bailout from IMF a bolt from the blue.

However, some experts are considering the bailout of $6 billion a splash of cold water for the government. According to them, at least the government can have a sigh of relief now. They will have enough time to look around for some more financial aid.

Shakila Nasreen

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