Above 400 People Mostly Children Diagnosed as HIV Positive in Larakana District, Sindh

Contaminated syringe and unsanitary equipment of quack doctors in Larkana district has turned the life of more than 400 people into death.

LARKANA: HIV has wrapped up more than 400 people including children most of them in Larkana district, Sindh.

According to the sources, hundreds of people are coming to the medical centers where the experts have tested them for HIV. So far, more than 400 people have been diagnosed as HIV positive. Most of them have been allegedly infected due to the negligence of doctors who used a contaminated syringe.

As the news spread, more people are coming for an HIV screening test. The quack doctors in southern Pakistan have pushed a large number of people in HIV. The unsanitary equipment of quack doctors and rampant malpractice has made the majority of the people from Wasayo HIV positive. A chaotic situation mixed with anger and fear is arousing among the people who came to know that they are HIV positive.

Mostly the toddlers below 2 years have been diagnosed as HIV positive. The epidemic has surrounded the people from different villages in Larkana district and they are coming in dozens to get their medical screening for HIV virus.

Shakila Nasreen

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