Pakistan Railways Announces to Operate Five Special Eid Trains

Pakistan Railways has announced to operate five special Eid Trains due to the increased demand for traveling in Eid days. The people who want to move from one city to another can view the schedule of these special Eid Trains and make a reservation. The reservation and booking for seats will be started from May 29. You can buy online tickets.

Pakistan Railway Minister Shiekh Rashid Ahmed has directed Pakistan Railways to schedule some special Eid Trains to facilitate the increasing number of passengers.

On his directives, Pakistan Railways has organized a schedule for special Eid trains. The schedule has been given below.

Karachi to Peshawar: The first Eid Train will depart from Karachi to Peshawar on 02 June 2019.

Karachi to Quetta: 2nd Eid train from Karachi to Quetta will depart on 02 June.

Karachi Cantt Station to Lahore: On the same day, i.e. on 02 June, the third Eid train will depart from Karachi (Cantt Station) to Lahore

Rawalpindi to Quetta: 4th Eid train will depart from Rawalpindi to Quetta on 08 June.

Lahore to Karachi: 5th Eid Train will depart from Lahore to Karachi on 08 June.

Pakistan Railways has issued a notification in this context. Furthermore, the people traveling on the first day of Eid can avail 50% off on fare if they make an early reservation.

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