Petrol Price Increased by Rs 4.26 Before Eid, New Price is Rs 112.68

ISLAMABAD: Federal Govt. has increased the petrol price by Rs 4.26. The new price of petrol will be Rs 112.68.

According to the source, OGRA presented a summary to Prime Minister Imran Khan to increase the petrol price by Rs 8.53 for June. Prime Minister, Imran Khan has approved the summary presented by OGRA to increase the prices of petroleum products.  However, he approved an increase of Rs 4.26 instead of Rs 8.53.

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Petrol will be available at Rs 112.68/Liter. In the same way, the High-Speed diesel’s price is hiked by Rs 4.50. So, it will be available in Rs 126.82/liter. The Light-Speed diesel’s price is increased by Rs 1.68 and the public will get it on Rs 88.62/liter. Similarly, the prices of Kerosene oil are also hiked by Rs 1.69. The people will get it in Rs 98.46/liter.

The new prices will be implemented by 1st June 2019.

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