Altaf Hussain, the Founder of MQM Arrested in London by Scotland Yard Police

LONDON: The Scotland Yard police dramatically arrested Altaf Hussain, the founder of MQM from his house in London. He has been accused of delivering hate speeches in 2015 and 2016 to instigate his followers to take the law into their own hands. According to the Scotland Yard police statement, the London Police have arrested a man who is intentionally encouraging or assisting offenses violating Section 44 of the Serious Crime Act 2007.

According to the source, the Scotland Yard police officials confirmed that they have arrested a 60 years old man for hate speech in 2016. About three dozen detectives of the Specialist Operations Unit took part in the search and raid operation against Altaf Hussain.

The Scotland Yard team started the raid operation at 5:30 AM. The police directed all the family members to leave the house silently and then they arrested Altaf Hussain. However, the search operation by the Specialist Operations Unit of the Police is still continued.

An official from the London police stated that they have recorded an audio-video statement of the arrested man. He further revealed that the arrested man will be kept in lockup for investigation for 24 hours.

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