US Dollar Pummels up Pakistani Rupee and Touches Rs 157.50 in Open Market

US Dollar has reached to Rs 157.50 in Open Market. Since the PTI Govt. Sworn in, we have notice an increase of Rs 32 in the US dollar's rate.

KARACHI: The US Dollar is continuously rising up in the open market. Currently, it has gone up by Rs 5.00 and touches to Rs 157.50. Similarly, in the interbank market, it has hiked by Rs 3.10 and has reached to Rs 156.

On Friday, we have seen a continuous rise up in the price of the US Dollar by Rs 4.

If we see the trail of the hike in dollar price, we will notice that for the last few days, the US Dollar has increased by Rs 8.50. Since June 01, 2019, the dollar rate has increased by Rs 9.73.

If we track the history of dollar rates in the past few months, after the constitution of the PTI Government, there is an increase of Rs 33.50 in the US dollar rate. It is a thought-provoking condition for Pakistan. The dollar directly or indirectly impacts the gold rates, petroleum products, and many other things. So, the people may experience inflation due to a continuous increase in the dollar rate.

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