With a continuous rise in the dollar’s rate, gold prices are also rising gradually. Currently, Gold rates in Pakistan can be seen at the all-time highest price at Rs 80,500 per tola. In the same way, the price of 10 grams of gold has seen a hike of Rs 1,115 and has touched Rs 69,016.

Due to a hike in the dollar’s rate (Rs 161.50), the gold price has increased by Rs 1300. This sudden increase in the price of gold has affected the local Saraf markets badly.

Furthermore, in the international markets, the prices of gold increased by $21 per ounce. So, the current price of gold in international is $1429 per ounce.  It is an alarming situation for the All Pakistan Saraf Association. The continuous uprise in the gold rates is leading the local gold markets towards decline.


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