OGRA Recommends a Decrease of Rs 0.77 in Petrol Prices

ISLAMABAD: OGRA has presented a summary to the federal government. In this summary, it recommends reducing petrol prices by Rs 0.77 per liter.

If the federal government approves the recommendation, the new price of Petrol will be Rs 111.91/liter. Besides the petrol prices, there is also a recommendation to decrease the diesel price by Rs 2.30 per liter. In the same way, the Regulatory Authority has also recommended a reduction of Rs 0.26 in the rates of light diesel. Similarly, the authority body has also recommended reducing the price of kerosene oil by Rs 2.94/liter. Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority has recommended the decrease in prices for petroleum and oil products to give some relief to the public.

Once the federal government takes a decision regarding the summary, the new prices will be effective from 01 July.

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