Mobile Trends Pakistan May Miss Out On

Despite a strong market for mobile technology, Pakistan is starting to fall behind in a few trendy areas of modern phone usage. From financial opportunities, to certain activities, to related tech products, here are some of the specific things we’re eyeing with the hopes that they’ll be made available to the connected public around the country.

Cryptocurrency Investment

Cryptocurrency is not an exclusively mobile phenomenon, and investment is certainly possible without a smartphone or app-based crypto wallet. In fact, some people even prefer to store their crypto coins offline, or even in paper form. With that said though, mobile wallets and exchanges represent far and away the most convenient ways to store and handle cryptocurrency, with the result that this new form of money does feel in part like a mobile trend. As for how it’s treated in Pakistan, we’d simply note that the government announced new regulations on cryptocurrency earlier this year, which at least raises the possibility that apps will be less available and crypto trading more restricted. If this proves to be the case, Pakistan’s massive mobile community may collectively miss out on a this emerging era of fintech.

Mobile Gambling

Once something of a niche hobby confined to very specific corners of the internet, the online gambling industry has grown significantly more sophisticated in just the last few years. Where there were once crude browser poker tournaments and boring slot imitations, there are now highly interactive multiplayer experiences, live feeds to human card dealers, character- and culture-driven animated arcades, and more. The top casino sites out of the UK have driven most of this evolution, and in the process many of them have developed their own apps as well, bringing this whole, new-look gaming industry to smartphone users. In Pakistan, however, while some consider the laws hazy and plenty undoubtedly get away with mobile gambling, the activity is technically prohibited. Thus, unless the laws change, millions of mobile users may not have access to this entire, ongoing trend.

AR Glasses

On the equipment side of things, we should also mention AR glasses. Expected far and wide to be the next big “smart” wearables, AR glasses are supposed to be coming out in the next year or so from major, worldwide tech companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung. Undoubtedly, Pakistani mobile users will be able to get their hands on some of these devices in time. For now though, it’s looking like the AR revolution may start late in some respects. Huawei, which is one of the top mobile providers throughout the country, appears to be behind, having put out glasses earlier this year that were effectively Bluetooth headsets with lenses. Full-fledged AR glasses may not arrive for a while, and when they do it may be that only Apple, Google, and Samsung users can take advantage of them.

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