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New Metro City Sarai Alamgir Gujrat Location, Payment Plan & Facilities

New Metro City Sarai Alamgir Brings the State-of-the-Art Living style and modern facilities for the people in affordable price.

Everybody dreams of buying a house in the best locality where all the modern facilities are available. There are loads of housing schemes in surrounding Lahore. But the prices are touching the sky. That’s why the majority of the middle-class people cannot fulfill their dream of having a house in a modern locality of the city.

New Metro City Sarai Alamgir is the best opportunity for such people who have limited income and resources. It brings the golden chance for the people who want to invest for a brighter future. They can get the best output if they invest in New Metro City.

Ideal location of society

Why Invest in New Metro City Sarai Alamgir?

You may be ambiguous for choosing this housing scheme due to your past experience. But here are some solid reasons to select this society to build your ideal home.

It is a project of BSM Developers. The CEO of BSM developers is Malik Bilal, the grandson of Malik Riaz, the founder of Bahria Town projects. The BSM Developers has successfully launched Gawadar Golf City, the most expensive housing scheme in Gawadar. Now, the BSM Developers have launched another unparalleled housing scheme with all modern facilities i.e. New Metro City.  So, you are going to invest in the most reliable and modern housing society where your output will be doubled in a few jumps.

It is located on Main G.T Road quite adjacent to RB Village. The location of the housing society is 4km away from Sarai Alamgir and 8 km away from Kharian.

In the whole Gujrat region, there is no parallel to New Metro City. It is such a big project with all the state-of-the-art facilities you could just imagine in dreams.

The plots are available in different sizes. You can buy a plot in 5-Marla, 7-Marla, 10-Marla and 1-Kanal. So, this housing society brings plots for everyone, whether from the elite class or the middle class. The plots in moderate sizes and prices are available here.

Housing structure in new metro city

Facilities & Amenities

Let’s have a glimpse of the unparalleled facilities and world-class amenities the New Metro City housing scheme is offering to its residents.

Clean Water Supply

Water is an essential component of human life. If it is pure, you live a healthy life. In most areas of the city, the residents are facing polluted drinking water problems. New Metro City management brings pure and clean water for drinking and for household chores. 

Electricity Supply

New Metro City comes with proper electricity supply for 24/7. There is no concept of load-shedding and sudden power failure due to bad weather conditions. Usually, in many areas of the city, the people face power failure in excess. As a result, they use inverters and UPS for their homes. New Metro City gets you rid of UPS/Inverters and offers a continuous supply of electricity to make you realize that you are living in an up-to-the-mark society.

Sui Gas

Sui Gas is included in the basic requirements for cooking. In most of the residential societies, the people are suffering from the lack of sui gas connections. New Metro City management ensures the availability of sui gas for the residents. In all the areas of society, whether commercial or residential, you can get a sui gas connection. The management facilitates you even more. If you want to get separate Sui gas connections for every floor of your house, you can get without delay. You do not need to use a shared Sui Gas connection with other people if you have rented a portion of your house.

Landline Phone System

Besides using the mobile phones, while living in New Metro City, you can also get connected to your loved ones by using the landline phone. It has a proper telephone lines system to keep you connected with your dear and near ones.

Green Environment

Lush Green environment

The serenity of nature attracts everyone. The housing scheme is full of the green environment to give the residents a healthy atmosphere full of oxygen and fresh air to breathe in. You will love the serene nature and the lush green environment around you. Away from the central city life, it allows you to live in a pollution-free environment.

Availability of Transport

When you are moving to a modern locality, you will consider the availability of transport. In many locations, there is no public transportation system, and the residents suffer a lot. While living in New Metro City, you are not away from the public transport. On the entrance of society, you can get all kinds of public transport easily. So, you are connected to the nearby locations with the help of public transport.

ad new metro city gujrat


The society is more concerned about your school-going children. Many private schools and colleges are also at hand. However, the society intends to bring the high-quality school system for the children of the residents. The study, syllabus and teaching methods will be based on the international standards of education. The highly skilled teaching faculty will provide your children with the quality education to your children.

Wide Network of Roads

New Metro City brings an extensive network of roads. Coming out of the congested streets of city life, you will love to live in a society fully developed and has a vast network of roads everywhere. The wide roads have solved your problem of parking your car.


Green parks provide you with a chance to come closer to the nature once or twice a day. This society comes with the international living standards. So, the green parks are spotted here and there in the whole society. These parks come with jogging tracks, play areas for kids and even the sitting areas for the people.

Commercial Area

No society is complete without commercial areas. New Metro City brings the advanced shopping centres where you can shop all famous brands in shoes, dresses, toys, cosmetics, jewellery and everything. The top brands and quality products in the shopping centres allow you to live a luxurious l in Pakistan.


The society brings the modern hospitals for the residents where they can get not only an emergency aid but also the treatment for every disease. The hospital meets the international health standards. Highly skilled medical staff and well-qualified doctors will serve you there.


The mosque is part and parcel for every Muslim community. A grandeur Jamia mosque is a part of New Metro City. It is the biggest housing project in Gujrat region. The management has planned to build a magnificent and spacious mosque for the residents. It will be a combination of modern Islamic art and the medieval Islamic architecture.


In short, while moving to a residential society, you will consider the presence of electricity, sui gas, water supply, mosque, high-quality education and health facilities. All are present in New Metro City with additional state-of-the-art luxuries and world-class amenities. Furthermore, the price of the plot is not out of your range. The ideal location is not an exception too. So, all these ingredients make this society a piece of hot cake for the investors.

Plot Prices and Details

ad new metro city gujrat

Here are the payment details and plot prices available in New Metro City.

Plots Total Price Down Payment Confirmation Within 2 Months 36 Monthly Installments At Balloting 10%
5-Marla 19,00,000/- 3,50,000/ 1,00,000/- 35,000/- 1,95,000/-
7-Marla 24,00,000/- 4,50,000/- 1,20,000/- 44,166/- 2,40,000/-
10-Marla 32,00,000/- 5,50,000/- 1,50,000/- 60,555/- 3,20,000/-
1-Kanal 60,00,000/- 8,50,000/- 2,50,000/- 1,19,444/- 6,00,000/-

New Metro City Sarai Alamgir Location Map

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