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Sandal Residencia Lahore Location, Payment Plan and Facilities

Everybody dreams to build a beautiful house in a modern housing society. You will also have such a dream for sure. If yes, your dream comes true. Panjtan Pak Developers proudly present Sandal Residencia.  Sandal Residencia housing society brings attractive plot plans for the average users from the middle and lower-middle class. The people with average income cannot afford a plot in posh areas of the city. As a result, they are forced to live in congested areas of the city where they do not find sufficient basic facilities.

Sandal Residencia offers the best housing plans for such people who have less purchasing power but they have higher dreams.

Why Invest in Sandal Residencia?

Sandal Residencia is fully developed with all the basic necessities, facilities and modern amenities you could dream of. The prime location of society makes it lucrative for investors. It is located near Shahkam Chowk, only 1.3 Km away from the main Defence Road that connects it to Izmir Town Road. The housing society is quite adjacent to Jubilee Town Lahore. Due to its location on the main Defence Road, all main locations of the city are easily accessible.

Development work in society

Sandal Residencia Features

Are you still in ambiguity? Let’s have a glance over the features of Sandal Residencia to know why to invest in it.

Basic Utilities

Power Supply: Sandal Residencia comes with all basic utilities including the electricity, sui gas, fresh water supply and the sewerage system, etc. The underground electricity supply system makes it distinguished among all the adjacent housing societies. You see a cluttering free atmosphere where there is no risk of life in the rainy season. Furthermore, the management ensures the power supply for 24/7. There is no risk of sudden power failure. As a result, you do not need to get inverters and UPS for additional power supply.

Sui Gas

No society offers Sui Gas facility in the beginning. Even, some highly modern societies do not facilitate their residents with Sui Gas in the very beginning phase. Sandal Residencia brings Sui Gas facility for its residents from the very beginning.

Water Supply

The hygienic water supply for 24/7 is ensured by the society’s management. All the residents get fresh and good-for-health water for drinking and other purposes.

Sandal Residencia housing scheme

Modern Drainage System

The drainage system always creates a problem in the rainy season. Everywhere in the city, you can see the roads sunken in the rainwater due to the poor drainage system. The same condition continues for about half a week. Sandal Residencia does not let it happen with you here. The modern drainage system does not allow the rainwater to sink the roads. It drains the water quickly and keeps surrounding clean.


The mosque is a vital part of every Muslim community. A spacious Jamia mosque is also a part of Sandal Residencia. The mosque area covers 0.45 Kanal. The mosque is located at the midpoint of the residential and commercial area to accommodate every resident.

Wide Roads Network

While living in the congested area of the city, you will be surely wanted to build a house in a society that is fully developed. Besides, it should contain a wide roads network. That’s what Sandal Residencia offers. The Commercial area contains 60 ft. wide roads and the roads in the residential area come with 30 ft width.

Gym for Ladies & Gents

A modern gym with the latest exercise equipment is also present in society. It is located in the residential area to facilitate the people who want to join it. There is a separate gym for ladies besides a gym for gents.

Commercial Area

A wide commercial area is a part and parcel of Sandal Residencia. It contains modern shopping plazas with 30 ft. wide parking lots. The residents can shop grocery, toys, electronics and other household items from these shopping plazas on retail and wholesale prices.

Children Play Areas

Recreation is very important for good health and undoubtedly, the children need some hours’ recreation to grow healthy. Sandal Residencia brings a panoramic play area for children with all the state-of-the-art gaming facilities.


The society has a broad central park that consists of 4.81 Kanal. It is a vast park with all the seasonal plants and clean grassy areas. The jogging tracks, sitting areas and play areas for kids are of course a vital part of this park. The lush green park makes you relaxed and refreshed.

Swimming Pool on Roof Top

The modern housing structure in Sandal Residencia makes you compelled to get your plot right now. You will see the mesmerizing housing structure everywhere in society. The roof-top swimming pool makes your living more stylish.


The security wing of society is fully trained and highly skilled. The presence of guards and CCTV surveillance in every corner of the society makes it worth living. The gated and walled community is absolutely safe to live in even for small and larger families. The entrance of strangers is forbidden. Every vehicle entering the society will contain E-tag for identification. The E-tag ensures your security not within your house, but also while moving around in society.

In short, the main attractions of Sandal Residencia include its prime location, underground power supply, Sui Gas, Hygienic Water Supply, Modern Drainage System, Wide Roads, Park, Mosque, CCTV Cameras and all modern facilities you could never imagine. Last but not least is that the 3-Marla housing plans are easily affordable for an average person.

Sandal Residencia Payment Plan

Currently, the housing society is offering 3-Marla residential plots. The payment plan for down payment and instalments is as under.

Property Total Price Down Payment Confirmation Payment Monthly Installments Bi-annual Payment Balloting Possession
3-Marla 32,50,000/- 3,55,000/- 300,000 20,000 1,20,000 3,25,000 8,30,000

Sandal Residencia Location Map

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