The students who apply for Microsoft 70-461 should demonstrate that they already know about managing Microsoft SQL Server 2014, organizing and creating T-SQL Server, describing SQL Server indexes, and many other related things. The article will give you knowledge on topics that are meant to be considered while preparing for such a competitive exam.

Make the Proper Plan

It is clear that getting a Microsoft certification is not an easy task. Undoubtedly, it requires a lot of effort and struggle. Completing a 26-mile marathon is not achieved in just one day, and the runner needs to gradually increase the stress level on his body to get the goal he hopes for. Same is the case with the Microsoft 70-461 exam covering a lot of topics. The best way to deal with this is to get ample time on the exam preparation and take it very seriously.

Then, it comes the element of a dedicated workspace where you can study without any sort of disturbance from the outside environment. Studying in silence can greatly increase the way things are perceived by one’s brain. Hence, your family and friends should also remember about your studies and not disturb you.

The next problem that arises with the students is that they tend to jump to the difficult topics, leaving behind the easy ones. However, the approach should be completely opposite. Kick off with easy concepts because this gives great confidence to move forward and learn the more difficult ones.

Arrange the Course Content

No exam can be possible if there is no proper course content for it. The process of taking this test requires that the candidates go through a number of books before they can sit for the exam. There are numerous study guides that can be consulted during the process of preparation. The most famous amongst the books is “A Hands-On Guide to Data Manipulation in SQL”. See the third edition. This book gives a deep insight into what is to be expected from the examiner.

Other way for finding the content is by visiting the official Microsoft website and joining one of its instructor-led training programs. They are sometimes not too long but equip the individuals with enough knowledge to be more skilled in the field. Thus, we have mentioned the Microsoft site because it is a very rich and reliable resource. The information is always actual. You should check it in order to be updated.

Take Practice Tests

The process of exam is not just limited to pen and paper. Rather, it is focused on the fact of checking the nerve of the candidates to perform under stressful conditions. The pressure of tests inhibits thousands of students from actually appearing in such exams. The only way to beat this fear is by attempting as many online tests as one can possibly take. This method can improve not only the confidence but also the stamina of writing such exams.

The next thing that these tests help us out with is that they highlight the area where we are lacking behind. Thus, pointing out the problems beforehand and saving us from facing a complete letdown.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Though this may sound strange, yes! The best way of getting your brain around a certain idea is practice. It happens that certain topics arise that cannot be understood by simply reading about them. They require practical skills. There are many companies that have established small and large labs simply for the purpose of giving their employees the practical taste in a controlled and calculated environment. Taking time and writing one’s own SQL statements and going over the MSDN can boost the process by a great deal.

Put the Emotions Straight

The training process for such an exam is very gruesome and needs to be handled with care. Don’t lose your heart. The test starts right from the first day one decide the exam date. Then, you need to concentrate. Emotions play a vital role in one’s preparation. The element of self-motivation is one of the most important things for the whole process. The students are advised to keep their heads cool and keep themselves motivated and get their things done on time.

Enjoy Discussion Process

The most important element of preparation for Microsoft 70-461 is by judging the versatility of the exam questions. The second important thing is the experience and mistakes of other students who have already taken this certification test and passed it. Both of these things seem very different, and a great deal of research is required. However, simply joining special groups, which are structured specifically for such discussions, can be a lifesaver at times.

Gauge the Exam Questions

The understanding of exam questions is very important. Many students fail simply because of the fact that they lack the gauging power even if they have the skill set. This can be done by reading and attempting the Microsoft 70-461 past papers. The exam dumps from PrepAway can be a helpful. These braindumps give an insight into the questions that usually come in the real exam. This makes the preparation process very easy. However, these dumps should only be taken when the complete course has been studied, and only practice is left.


It is where the rubber meets the road. The whole-time frame of preparation can be wasted. The most important part of the 70-461 exam is that it verifies the concept, not the cramming element of the brain. Thus, try to get an understanding, and the rest can be easily sorted out.

Using these tips can help you organize your time and concentrate better. Passing Microsoft 70-461 is a great achievement, and you can manage it!

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