What to look for in a security guard company?

Last updated on September 13th, 2019 at 07:17 pm

The primary concern hiring security guards is always securing personnel who will do their job professionally, efficiently and responsibly. In case you are hiring a security firm that provides guards, extra care should be taken to ensure the quality that you are looking for. Guards can not be considered as ‘employees’ of a firm, they are basically working for contracting firms. The biggest concern when hiring a guard company is how the firm handles matching up individual guards with the clients. Everyone desires to get guards whose temperament and talent fits their needs. Guards who are friendly, open and non-confrontational are ideal. One needs to remember that the basics need to be covered when screening a potential security firm.

Before any commitments are made, the following areas need to be considered:

  1. License according to the State and local laws
  2.  A complete insurance coverage 
  3. Previous client’s remarks 
  4. References 
  5. Guard training policies 
  6. Guard qualifications (certificates, etc.) 
  7. Management Policies 
  8. Equipment (arms, etc.)
  9. Cost
  10. Responsiveness (i.e. how they respond to your needs)

When it comes to hiring guards via independent contractors, insurance is an important factor to deserve some further scrutiny. Most of the States keep extensive records on licensed security firms, a great deal of information can be gained by checking in with your State’s website. You can find illuminating information regarding their licensure and any potential issues there.

A rundown of the insurance checklist is needed to review a security company’s track record and reputation before you decide to do business with them. What you should be looking for are firms with the highest possible standards for dependability and trustworthiness. The best way to judge a company’s past performance is to check their history of legal action and formal complaints. As a client you should be on the lookout for any suits filed against the company by previous clients or employees. Also, any complaints made to state and local regulatory agencies.

When hiring a security company, Management policies and experience matter. This is because the pool of guards that will be tapped to meet your needs is homogenous; the talents and skills of their managers will end up making a big difference to the level of service you receive. As a potential client you should feel free to inquire about the experience of everyone in the chain of command at the firm, from the person responsible for your account all the way up to the president. You should not just jump into an arrangement with a security firm without clearly defining your needs and expectations to them. Have a thorough discussion regarding performance criteria prior to making any commitments, and have solid performance standards integrated into the final contract once satisfied. You should take time to get to know the key management personnel you’ll be working with before you sign your contract.

You should have confidence in their abilities to meet your needs and address issues. If they are unable to build that confidence prior to signing the contract, it’s unlikely that they’ll performance will be satisfactory afterward. A bond of trust and respect should be build prior to working with the security company which will make it easier to resolve problems in the future. 

In order to get outstanding performance from your security company, take some time to formalize and record your expectations for the guards’ performance and behavior while they are on the job. Before starting a security contract, you should make sure that the company has procedures in place to detect and rectify any behavior that fails to meet expectations. Don’t rely on the security guard company to provide all guard oversight, or check up on your guards’ performance to ensure it meets expectations.

A few minor issues that are usually not considered or missed during the selection of the security contractor are highlighted below:

* What is the advance notice required to secure extra security coverage? 

* Are the guards assigned to you fluent in the languages you need? 

* What are the contractor’s drug testing and personal screening policies? 

* As the employer do you have any say in the uniforms the guards wear? 

* What are the policies regarding guards who miss shifts? Will they provide supplementary personnel to cover absent employees in a timely fashion? 

Security guard plays a vital role in modern organizations today. However, not every business owner who needs security guards puts them on staff, though. In another situation, you can also hire the help you need from a dedicated security company.

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