TECNO Mobile Company in Pakistan has pumped up the hype about its upcoming campaign and people cannot contain their excitement after seeing Shoaib Akhtar as being part of the campaign.

Everyone has their guesses and wild ideas being poured out on social media platforms and people are expecting something bigger and better once again by this renowned smartphone brand. Under the recent teaser that just came out, people are guessing the second sports personality for the campaign and are under the impression that the new series is about some famous sports.

With a lot of guesses and comments that people have bombarded on social media platforms of Tecno, this challenge has already spread like fire all over the internet and the biggest incentive is the free Tecno phone that every person wants to win through this competition.

These kinds of campaigns help build a positive impact on the relationship between the company and the users. It shows the dedication that the company has for its buyers and through these competitions, it successfully gathers their trust as well.

Although, Tecno has not really revealed about the whole campaign but people are making speculations with thousands of comments and tweets online. It looks like the campaign has already become the talk of the town with such suspense and curiosity that has been building. There are chances that the public has guessed it right and probably the appearance of Shoaib Akhtar with the CEO of Tecno that went viral right after the disclosure has made it clear what the game is all about. However, the whole mechanism is still not exposed.

Now that the curtain has been raised from the first KOL, the second face is still to be revealed. What are your thoughts on this second personality?



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