With the intense competition going on among all the smartphone companies, it is essential to be unique and bring something different than the rest of the other brands. Two things that can set you aside from others is the variation and quality. If you successfully produce new products with great quality that are unique from others, it is comparatively easier to outdo all other smartphone brands in the market. Talking about Infinix, being a relatively young brand, it has made its place in the market and is giving a cut-throat competition to its neighboring brands. The new technology and designs being incorporated by Infinix have modified the market dynamics to quite an extent. While every smartphone brand is struggling hard to provide innovative and exclusive experiences to its users, Infinix is leading this competitive game as it has smoothly understood the needs of its users. The brand tries to keep itself as advanced as it can alongside giving the best in quality.

With time, Infinix has occupied the major share from the market and has managed to attract every class of people and every age group as it is equipped with all the important specifications having a stylistic aesthetic and a luxury experience. Considering the fact that people have become technologically smart, there is no way to deceive the public by producing cheap quality. If a brand keeps following the old practices, it eventually loses the competition and gets eliminated from the market.

Since the time Infinix has put its energetic foot into the smartphone market, its success graph knows no bounds. It keeps coming with refined products, embedded with lavish features, stunning semblance and updated techniques and it is pretty clear from the sales graph that the brand is here to stay forever.

Infinix has aimed to produce phones that are a complete package and are flexible enough to attract any group of people in the market. With such a reasonable price bracket, it has made a huge success in the minimum time. The lobby that was made by 2-3 brands initially has been smashed by the new kings in the market and now people are switching to quality instead of being brand conscious. The reason why Infinix among all other brands has taken the lead is because of the quality that it has always promised to maintain from the very start of its era.

With the recent launch of the much-acclaimed S5 smartphone series, the country’s leading smartphone brand, Infinix has shown magnificent results facilitating its users with the best in town. The S5 model of Infinix is equipped with 6gb/128gb and 4gb/64gb variants having a quad-camera setup whereas, the S5 Lite has 4gb 64gb with triple camera setup and some more amazing stuff packed under the hood. The non-removable battery of 4000 mAh gives a hassle-free experience and the phone can be used for days without getting it charged repetitively. These classic features and brilliant specifications are the reason for the success of the S5 series.

This S5 series is available in a range of Rs. 20,999 to 27,999. When it comes to comparison with other leading smartphones in the market, the price will justify the eccentricity of Infinix as a brand. Its striking attributes contribute quite well to the value of the phone. These easy to use phones entrenched with rich and remarkable features offering reasonable prices are taking over the market swiftly and the time is almost here when Infinix will spur up to be the most frequently used phone in the market.



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