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Al Noor Orchard Payment Plan, Features and Location Map

Al Noor Orchard is a proud presentation of Al Jalil Garden that needs no intro. There are multiple housing societies around Lahore. All of them come with different amenities and luxuries to attract investors. But many of them aren’t approved by LDA. Some housing societies are approved, but they offer plots at high prices. Among these housing schemes, Al Noor Orchard is a blessing in disguise for people who have less affordability. It offers residential and commercial plots at incredibly low prices.

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Why Select Al Noor Orchard?

Al Noor Orchard is approved by Lahore Development Authority. It offers all state-of-the-art luxuries and amenities for residents. Furthermore, the prime location of society has made it a piece of sweet cake for investors. The society is located on Main Sharaqpur Road, only 3 minutes away from Fazipur Interchange M2 Motorway. While living here, you are only 3 km away from Al Jalil Garden. You have easy access to Lahore International Airport. So, while living here, you are close to the center of the city, Ring road, G.T Road, Orange Line, and Multan Road. The last, but not the least, Al Noor Orchard is a project by Al Jalil developers. It’s a reliable name for investors.

Features of Al Noor Orchard

Let’s have a look at the facilities and amenities Al Noor Orchard offers.

Basic Facilities

The residents will have all the basic facilities they need to live anywhere.

Underground Electricity: Society has an underground power supply system to make the environment clutter-free. Al Noor Orchard ensures uninterrupted power supply for 24/7. It has powerful generators to cover emergency load shedding.

Clean Water Supply: It has a big water filtration plant to ensure the supply of clean water.

Sui Gas: Sui gas supply pipeline is also underground.

So, your family lives in a clean atmosphere where there is no cluttering of cables, poles and gas pipelines.


Al Noor Orchard Park

Green parks have been dotted here and there in the society. The central park has more beautiful plantation and greenery. All the parks contain play area for kids, jogging tracks, sitting areas and walking tracks for residents. The greenery and plantation make you feel the calm and serenity of nature.


It’s a gated and walled community where the well-trained security wing is alert 24/7. You aren’t only secure within your house, but also while moving in society.


Al Noor Orchard comes with a premium brand school for the best schooling of your children. The school meets the international standard of education and your children get an education at hand.

Jamia Mosque

Al Noor Orchard Jamia Mosque

A state-of-the-art Jamia Mosque is an integral part of society. The blend of medieval and modern architecture makes it an unparalleled piece of art. It’s spacious enough to facilitate the big gatherings on special occasions like Eid, Juma, and others.

Emergency Health Care Facility

Emergency hospital

An emergency health care center with trained medical staff and highly skilled doctors is present here. The hospital has modern medical equipment and all surgical and medical facilities to meet an emergency condition. You are never away from your doctor while living here.

Community Center

A big community center is also present here. It accommodates large religious and social gatherings. You can organize weddings and celebrations in this modern community center.

Trafalgar Square Commercial Zone

It has a panoramic and state-of-the-art shopping mall in the commercial zone. The commercial zone known as Trafalgar Square consists of all kinds of retailer shops. You can buy everything here.

Carpeted Roads

Wide Roads network

A wide network of roads and 120 ft wide Main Boulevard makes your movement safe from traffic jamming. The roads’ network covers the entire society.


The graveyard is an integral part of any housing society. Al Noor Orchard has a vast graveyard to facilitate the residents in the need of the hour.


Life is useless if you aren’t fit and healthy. To ensure your health, a modern gym is a part of Al Noor Orchard. It contains the latest equipment for exercise.


A big zoological garden exists here to entertain your kids and family members. A variety of animals and birds from other lands have been brought here to provide you the best entertainment.

Al Noor Orchard Payment Plan (Residential Plots)

Area Price Registration Monthly Installments(40) Bi-Anual Installments Balloting Possession Call for Booking
5 Marla Rs 2,500,000 Rs 2,50,000 Rs 20,000 Rs 100,000 Rs 250,000 Rs 500,000
10 Marla Rs 4,500,000 Rs 4,50,000 Rs 36,000 Rs 180,000 Rs 450,000 Rs 900,000
1 Kanal Rs 8,000,000 Rs 8,00,000 Rs 58,750 Rs 350,000 Rs 800,000 Rs 1,600,000

Al Noor Orchard contact

Terms & Conditions

  • You pay the processing fees 1000/Marla for residential plots, 2000/Marla for Homes and 25000 for commercial plots (up to 5 Marla).
  • On 5-Marla/8-Marla plot facing 40 ft road, 5% extra charges are applicable.
  • You pay 10% extra charges on 5-Marla/8-Marla plot facing 45 ft road.
  • The investor will pay 5% extra charges on 10-Marla facing 45 ft road.
  • In the same way, on 10-Marla/20-Marla plot facing 50 ft road, you pay 10% whereas; 15% on 10-Marla/20-Marla plot facing 55 ft and 20% for 60 ft road.
  • Property on 80 ft road shall be charged 35% extra payment.
  • A corner/facing park plot is available at 10% extra charges whereas a plot facing corner + park is available at 15% extra payment.
  • Similarly, a property facing commercial plot will be charged 5% extra payment.

Al Noor Orchard Location Map

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