Infinix, a premium mobile manufacturer company has endeavored to bring the aesthetics of technology to its consumers through smartphones. With the onset of New Year, Infinix surprised its consumers with the good news that Infinix is all set to launch a Pop-up selfie camera smartphone. The launch of a Pop-up selfie camera smartphone is no more a rumor as the news has been confirmed by the company’s CEO. This phone is equipped with the finest features like a bigger display, a bezel-less notch-free body, and the highest picture quality capacity.

It is expected that this much-awaited newcomer is going to launch in the first quarter of the year 2020. This phone has already created a stir in the Pakistani market as this Pop-up selfie camera smartphone is equipped with the latest updates, along with classic user-friendly features, which is a signature of Infinix.

In a recent interview Infinix CEO, Mr. Benjamin Jiang has announced that the New Year is filled up with many surprises and Pop-up selfie camera launch is one of them.
“Q1 of 2020 will be the most surprising for the camera lovers and Infinix will be introducing Pop-Up selfie camera phones with mind-blowing tech innovations”.

All smartphones have a front-facing camera, but with the pop-up camera, selfie lovers will be able to capture sharper photos than ever before. The pop-up camera smartphones is impressive because it comes with a big display and it is bezel-less without a notch. It gives higher screen to body ratio, elusive, cool outlook and cinematic display of videos on full-screen mode. This camera-centric handset will surely create an uproar in the market. As selfie mania is sweeping the world, this popup camera phone is surely a treat for the selfie lovers.

Infinix is already nabbing the attention of the smartphone users through its popular models Smart 3 plus, S4, Hot 8, and S5 series due to its finest features and pocket-friendly prices. Infinix has left a mark with its customer-centric products and its consumers are expecting a lot from Infinix in the year 2020. Infinix has some big plans for 2020 and all set to keep its legacy of facilitating its customers alive. With Pop-Up selfie camera smartphone Infinix is allowing its consumers to stay trendy and this much awaited product is soon going to hit the market.

About Infinix: Infinix Mobile is a premium online-driven smartphone brand. With “THE FUTURE IS NOW” as the brand essence, Infinix aims to allow consumers to stand out in the crowd and to show the world who they really are. Infinix is committed to providing the most cutting-edge technologies, bold and stylish designs, keeping consumers on trend and up-to-date.


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