Madagascar President Condemns WHO for not endorsing Herbal Cure of Covid-19

ANKARA: Madagascar President Rajoelina stated in an interview that WHO is not paying attention to COVID Organics, herbal medicine of COVID-19, discovered by Madagascar.

According to the sources, last month Madagascar has officially launched an organic herbal medicine, Covid-Organics (CVO) to cure Covid-19 coronavirus. The Malagasy president claimed that it can cure the novel coronavirus patients within 24 hours.

It’s noteworthy that WHO warned against the use of this herbal medicine known as CVO without medical supervision. Moreover, WHO didn’t approve it to use against COVID-19.

He stated the medicine is still not endorsed by WHO because it came from the poorest country of Africa. If a European country had discovered and presented it, there would be no doubt about it. While talking to France 24, Paris-based TV network and Radio France International, he commented, “WHO cannot accept this herbal remedy because a poor country from Africa has discovered it and presented it to save the world.”

Rajoelina, the president of Madagascar further stated, “Covid-organics works like a magic to prevent and cure COVID-19. He claimed that 105 patients of coronavirus have recovered in Madagascar by using this herbal medicine.

They noticed a remarkable improvement in the health of COVID-19 patients within 24 hours after taking the first dose. Within 7 – 10 days, they were fully cured of COVID-19. This non-toxic medicine is made of all-natural ingredients.

However, currently, the WHO has decided to have a clinical trial of CVO.

He stated, “Madagascar has donated CVO to the neighbouring African countries suffering from COVID-19.

Last week, the African Union issued a statement in this context. According to this statement, the African Union is on-talk with Madagascar to get the CVO’s technical details for the safety and effectiveness of this medicine.

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