How to Unblock PUBG in Pakistan

According to a notification from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, PUBG has been banned in Pakistan. You can’t play this game in Pakistan anymore. It’s a bolt from the blue for the crazy fans of this game. During the critical days of Quarantine, everybody was restricted to stay at home and PUBG proved the best companion of youngsters during this time period. The people used to play this game to kill their boredom. However, some negative impacts on the youngsters and a couple of suicide cases compelled PTA to ban this game. Now, it’s completely banned in Pakistan.

But still, there is a way to unban PUBG for the crazy players of this game.

Method # 1: Use a VPN

VPN will mask your identity and you can play the game as usual. It won’t show you are playing the game from a Pakistani IP. The IP is completely masked and thus, your game goes on normally.

Download any VPN from Google Play Store. Make sure; you get a VPN that has a good rating because it will not affect your gaming session. Furthermore, it will not disconnect again and again and the ad-session will be short. I would recommend you to use “Betternet VPN and Hotspot” from Google Play Store.

Betternet vpn for PUBG

  • Open the VPN and touch the “Start” button.
  • Now, open the game and start playing.
  • If you see the ping is exceeding 300 in numbers, restart the VPN and enjoy the game.

Method #2: Publicize NoPUBGBan campaign

The above method is not illegal to play the game in Pakistan. But using a VPN is officially banned in some regions of the world. However, a legal way to unban this game is to support the nopubgban campaign.

  • Go to the official page of PTA at twitter and give a #nopubgban there. Spam it everywhere.
  • For this, you have to create a user account on Twitter first.

Method # 3: Supportive Mail to PTA

Another legal way to unban PUBG is to request PTA to unban this game. If the majority of people give good comments about the game, PTA will unban this game. Remember, the game has been banned temporarily for a few days. The unban or a permanent ban depends on the views of the people. If your arguments can convince PTA to unban this game, do use the force of your words.

Write an email at [email protected] till 10 July 2020. Make sure, your email contains solid arguments in the favor of PUBG game.

PUBG running on VPN

Disclaimer: This article is only for informational purposes, we do not support any games or activities that are illegal in Pakistan. Using this guide parents will know how they can stop their children from unblocking PUBG in Pakistan.

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