The Real Face and Goals of Anti State Journalists

Journalist should be loyal and dedicated to his work and his country. But some journalists get involved in anti state activities and try to instigate the minds of the public.

Pakistan is at the horizon of a new era. Dynastic politics and clout journalism are seeing their end. Perhaps that is the reason for the gang-up of corrupt politicians and their favorite journalists in advancing the systematic maligning campaign against the state institutions. The state institutions are not working in the manner that they were used to in the past. The recent fiasco of Asad Toor and Hamid Mir can be easily identified as the expression of their frustration and fear at this new era horizon, where they are no longer favored or placed on a pedestal.

Pakistan is faced with tough options at the moment, US withdrawal from Afghanistan, allegedly Pakistan refusal to offer its military bases to the US, fragile economy, insurgency in Baluchistan, coming FATF report on Pakistan status to be blacklisted or not, and Pakistan initiative to file a petition against Israel at UN HR; the timing couldn’t be more ideal for the rightist to come together and smear Pakistan name in the name of curtailing press freedom.

Had Pakistan state institutions seriously curtail press freedom, there wouldn’t have been a plethora of bloggers who talk about Pakistan institutions without an ounce of responsibility. Other countries that are just in our neighborhood, Iran, India, China, and Bangladesh, has strictly controlled media, those defying the restrictions have to pay the price with their life.

It is only in Pakistan that any journalist or bloggers stand up and alleged anything without substantiate proof at the state institutions ns get away with it. But time is changing, now they are held accountable for their allegations. Such journalist is not used to these ways and that is why we are seeing them protesting and fuming over this new sense of accountability that a much aware and educated public now demands. Hence, we witness their true loyalties and character.

Ali Haider

Covering Defence and Politics. Writing On Pakistan, WOT, France, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts.

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