CNG Stations Closed Due to the Shortage of Gas

All CNG stations will remain closed till one week due to the shortage of CNG supply.

KARACHI: According to the sources, all CNG stations will remain closed for one week. The week starts today. The Sui Southern Gas Company clarified an ambiguous situation regarding the CNG stations and announced that there is an extreme shortage in the supply of sui gas. Due to this shortage, all CNG stations in the province will be closed for one week.

Now, the CNG stations will get the CNG supply from Tuesday, June 29 at 8:00 AM.  Till this time period, CNG will not be available at any fuel station.

The coordinator of the Sindh zone of All Pakistan CNG Association, Sameer Najam Al Hussain stated that the decision for closing CNG stations was taken because they received a notification for the closure of gas supply from senior authorities. The notification clearly stated that the supply of gas will remain closed for an indefinite period.

It is worth mentioning that the current budget is the major reason for the shortage of gas. The budget 2021- 2022 causes a hike in the price of CNG because the Government has imposed a GST on LNG. Due to this decision of our government, the consumers will see an increase in the price of LNG by Rs 9/KG. The owners of CNG stations have given a rise to the price hike and the consumers may get CNG at higher prices. Resultantly, there is a shortfall in the supply of gas from Sui Southern Gas Company to condemn this price hike.

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