PTA Removed 9.8 Million Immoral Videos from TikTok

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has banned lots of accounts from Pakistan and it has removed millions of videos due to the immoral content.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has taken action against uploading and promoting vulgar videos on TikTok by the users. Currently, it has removed 9.8 million videos containing indecent content and has blocked 720,000 accounts due to the same reason.

The technical director of PTA stated while sharing details with the Peshawar High Court bench headed by Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid Khan that it is the very first time that a person for Pakistan has been appointed by TikTok to manage the content. Before this period, the social media authority took no action against any obscene content.

The Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court, Qaiser Rashid Khan has given consent to the PTA that it should continue taking action against uploading immoral videos on this app. The chief justice also stated that the authorities do not want to shut down the video-sharing platform. However, the obscene and immoral content has worse effects on the minds of youngsters and that should be filtered by using immediate action.

The PTA authorities clarified that they have blocked all big sites containing obscene content in Pakistan. However, still, some more work is pending in this context. Now, the users will be careful while uploading content on this video-sharing platform because PTA is taking strict action against such videos and accounts.

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