COVID Positive Report of Nine Inbound Passengers from Saudi Arabia

A foreign airline arrived at Jinnah Airport Karachi and nine passengers in this airline were found with a positive COVID-19 test.

KARACHI: The Corona test report of nine inbound passengers at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi is positive.

According to the details, a foreign airline arrived from Saudi Arabia at Jinnah Airport Karachi. When they went through a medical examination for the COVID-19 test, the report showed that at least nine passengers have Corona positive. The airport administration shifted these people to the nearby quarantine centre. However, the passengers stated that the airport authorities didn’t provide them ambulances on their several requests. After several hours of positive test report, the passengers were moved to Liaquatabad Town’s quarantine centre.

It is worth mentioning that on the 3rd of June, 3 inbound passengers also had a positive corona test and they were also shifted to the quarantine centre. According to the facts, in the last 30 days, a total of 58 inbound passengers have been declared COVID-19 positive and all were sent to the quarantine centre. A few passengers of a flight from Sharjah also had a positive COVID-19 test once the airport authorities sent them through rapid antigen tests. Sindh health department has confirmed the facts that when the passengers from international destinations go through a COVID-19 test, they were found positive with Corona and it is an alarming situation because they cannot ban the incoming flights from other international destinations.

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