Strawberry Moon, the Last Supermoon of the Year to be Visible Tonight

Shakila Nasreen

Strawberry moon tonight

Want to view the Supermoon? People are excited to know that they are going to witness the last supermoon of the year tonight. It will be visible in Karachi tonight at 11:38 PM.

According to the resources, the last supermoon, known as the “strawberry” full moon will be witnessed in various parts of the world and this time, it will be visible in Pakistan too. People of Karachi can sight it at 11:38 PM. It usually appears four times in the summer season every year. In 2021, three supermoons appeared on March 28, April 27, and May 26. Now, the fourth and last Supermoon will rise tonight in the northern hemisphere. It is known as the strawberry moon and it will not rise again in 2021.

According to the news channels and NASA, the color of the moon tonight will not be white. Instead, it will look like a large golden ball (it will not appear in strawberry color). Pakistani astrologist Dr. Javed Iqbal stated that the moon comes closer to the earth when we witness it as a supermoon. It appears bigger than its usual size. The name “Strawberry moon” was originated from Indigenous peoples. Since it is the season of ripening of strawberries, people call it a strawberry moon. People are feeling excitement while waiting for the last supermoon of the year.

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