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Buyer’s Review of Park View City Lahore – Read before you Invest

I own multiple plots in different blocks of Park view city Lahore. Sharing my personal experience about it.

Disclaimer: I’m neither a dealer nor associated with this housing scheme, it’s an unbiased review.

A quick overview: The scheme had a bad reputation back in 2014-2018 but later issues got settled and now its repute is better than before.

I’m not going to mention features here, it’s just like other schemes with lots cool looking roads, green belts and clean environment but wait, don’t judge a book by its cover. Let’s open this book before you buy anything in this society.

I’ll discuss each block along with its pros and cons. In the end of this article, I’ll share my opinion too.

Premium and other Blocks

There are multiple blocks and the management has a record of renaming blocks with passage of time so please ignore if I quote a wrong name for any block. Below is list of blocks as per my experience:

  1. Jade
  2. Jasmine
  3. Sapphire
  4. Jade Extension
  5. Topaz
  6. Rose(Executive)
  7. Tulip
  8. Tulip Overseas
  9. Gold
  10. Platinum
  11. Diamond
  12. Overseas
  13. Titanium
  14. Crystal

Let’s have a quick overview of blocks:

Jade, Jade Extension, Jasmine, Sapphire Blocks

These are situated just after the entrance of Park view’s main gate(On the left hand side). You can say that these blocks are merged and adjacent to each other, but you will find mostly 5 marla plots in jade block, while in sapphire mostly 10 marla are available with a few 5 marla plots. They are well established but their wiring is not under ground like other new blocks. Roads are not much wide, I think 30 ft wide roads inside these blocks only, but these blocks are full of houses. You will only see a few plots in these blocks.

Pricing: Prices are highest in these blocks as they are the oldest blocks and it’s well crowded. You’ll find 5 Marla plot here between 6M(Million) to 8M.

Approval Status: These blocks are LDA approved and electricity and gas are available here by official means.


Personally I found these congested a bit but these are best blocks in whole park view if you want to buy a plot or build house in an area without any issues. If you compare these 3 blocks, their access is near from main gate and they have two commercial markets near them and also the mosque is situated in Jade block.

Jade Extension: It’s not approved by LDA and it’s connected with Jade block. Location is near to main entrance but electricity unit is expensive here and there is no gas because of no LDA approval. And it’s near to Shahpur slaughter house, so expect some bad odor in this area if you want to live here.

Value for Money
Roads & Cleanliness
Other Facilities

Topaz, Rose, Tulip and Tulip Overseas

The next blocks that come after above three blocks are Topaz, Rose, Tulip and Tulip overseas. Topaz is actually a good block to live, it’s partially LDA approved with 5 marla and 10 marla houses. It’s 80-90% full and very less plots are available here. The other blocks including rose, tulip and tulip overseas aren’t LDA approved and Park view is providing electricity on their own in these unapproved blocks.

Pricing: Prices are lower in non approved blocks i.e. rose, tulip and tulip overseas and similar in approved section of Topaz block. You should expect 5 Marla plot in unapproved blocks around 4M to 6M. In Tulip overseas prices are less(4M-5M) and in Rose and Tulip prices are 4.5M to 6M, and in Topaz approved block 6M-8M.

Approval Status: As mentioned above Topaz is partially approved and rest are non approved by LDA.


Topaz is a better block than the unapproved ones. It has a park and a dedicated mosque too, while rose and others don’t have a proper park and mosque, but their main road is the widest one in the whole scheme. And one major problem is the voltage fluctuations in Rose, tulip and tulip overseas blocks, I don’t know if it’s a issue there or not. I’ve read and heard many times about this electricity problem and Park view charges 25 rupees per unit in unapproved blocks that is way much higher than normal Lesco rates. So, expect electricity issues in these blocks with higher bills every month. You can see backup generators in these blocks if you visit.

Roads inside these blocks are 30 ft wide just like all other blocks

Value for Money
Roads & Cleanliness
Other Facilities

Platinum, Diamond, Overseas and Titanium

If you are at a low budget and can’t afford a plot more than 5M in other blocks, than you should look at these blocks. They are not much developed but possession is available here. You can live here by building your own house. Park view also offers conditional plots in platinum block and may be in others too. Conditional are those plots that are at lower price but you have to start construction within 4 months of buying that plot.

Pricing: Prices are lower in Platinum and diamond block. Expect a 5 Marla plot between 2.5M to 4.5M. Overseas block is marketed by Park view itself and they are offering it in 4.5M-5M. And I’m not much sure about titanium block. If it’s the new name of Tulip extension block then prices here are between 4.2M-5M, and its location is better than other blocks I discussed in this section.

Approval Status: None of these blocks are approved by LDA.


Prices are low here but there are serious security issues here. There was a news of robbery in one of these blocks, and these blocks are far from other blocks. Behind these blocks there’s village kind of population and Park view is working on security in these areas these days.

You will see lots of grey structures built in these blocks, mostly those grey structures are by those who bought conditional plots and fulfilled the condition by just building grey structures. You won’t see many people living in these blocks, the main road that connects to these blocks is not in good condition yet and presently there are no parks and mosques.

These blocks might be good for investment but if you don’t have any other option to live then you could live here too but currently I’d not recommend living here as these are the blocks with security and electricity iproblems.

Streets inside these blocks are 30 ft wide just like all other blocks.

Value for Money
Roads & Cleanliness
Other Facilities
Quick look on Complete Society

Location of Park view city Lahore is its biggest advantage. It’s in front of DHA EME society and distance is only 3KM from thokar niaz baig. You can say it’s one of the schemes inside center of Lahore. Other schemes near it are offering 5 Marla plots around 7M-10M, so in future it’s possible that park view will reach on that level too. People are buying plots here like crazy for past 2 years and thousands of houses are constructed here, so you won’t be going inside an empty scheme that is far from main areas of Lahore.


As many of you know Animal Mandi is near to Park view city Lahore, so you’ll have hard time to reach home in Eid days, Although, main Multan road is wider than before but still the traffic in Eid days is unbearable.

Moreover, as discussed above new blocks don’t have LDA approval and their higher prices don’t make sense at all. You can say it a manipulation by property dealers.

Electricity fluctuation and higher unit rates are nothing to ignore. When you live for a longer time, you realize that these issues are pain in head.

They are working on security but it will take some time to resolve these issues as this scheme is surrounded by small villages.

Final Words

In this price range you won’t find a good gated housing scheme on this location, and things are getting better regularly. Park view is busy 24/7 in constructing and resolving issues and we can’t deny their efforts. Personally if I say neutrally then I see it a huge project after 4-5 years, but if you want to live here, it’s possible too right now. In my opinion, expect a 30-70% further increase in plots prices in next 5 years in Park view city Lahore.

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