NCOC Proposes Summer Vacations from July 18 to August 01 in Educational Institutes

There will be no Summer Vacation this year according to the decision of All Pakistan Private Schools Federation.

ISLAMABAD: National Command Operation Centre (NCOC) suggested that the summer holidays should be from 18 July to 01 August in all educational institutes nationwide. However, Punjab province has opposed this decision.

According to the details, the NCOC has decided to announce summer holidays for two weeks, but the Punjab government is opposing it because it wants to announce a Summer Vacation of 1 month from 02 July to 02 August. Now, an education conference of NCOC will be held where this matter will be discussed according to the desire of provinces. The meeting will be held soon to finalize the duration of the summer holidays.

It is worth mentioning here that APPSF (All Pakistan Private Schools Federation ) has decided on Saturday that in 2021, no summer vacation will be announced in private schools nationwide. The schools will continue in July and will remain open from 7:00 am to 11:00 am.

However, in the hot weather conditions, the students can come to the schools in casual dress. It’s not compulsory for them to follow school uniforms. Kashif Mirza stated that the schools have taken this decision in view of the hot weather. He further added that the schools can follow online classes if they have the facility of doing so.

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